About Courier Magazine

The courier industry is all about innovation. That's why small- to mid-sized delivery businesses are so important. The courier industry's "little guys" are typically the ones out there pounding the pavement, thinking up new ways to make delivery better. And Courier Magazine really digs that! The Courier editorial team enjoys connecting with the business owner and finding out what makes courier companies tick.

However, Courier's editors also enjoy showcasing the "big guy's" point-of-view, too. You can expect to see large companies' ideas, and their industry insights and opinions in the magazine's Last Mile and Brain Trust sections. After all, these companies have "been there" and know how it feels to be an up-and-coming business.

Kick back, take some time and peruse some of Courier's articles, blogs and social media sites. You'll see there's a little something for everyone who loves the delivery industry.

You can always count on reading the following departments:

Hot Shots: Share business announcements and news about new equipment with other delivery industry up-and-comers.

Success Story: An in-depth Q&A with a courier company that gives you an opportunity to learn how the business became successful and maintains its popularity.

Brain Trust: Read an industry expert's take on a current industry topic. 

Last Mile: Insight into the latest news in the delivery and logistics industry.