Language of Desire Review: Do The Techniques Work? Is It Real?

Language of Desire is every woman’s secret weapon for learning how to effortlessly activate the law of attraction to get the interest of any man they desire, based on science. Yes, really. Science has proven that there are four key hormones—dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and estrogen/oxytocin—that are released when attraction is in play. Now, you can use this to your benefit simply by learning how to trigger the release of these same hormones in the man you want, thus creating the same feelings they get when they are attracted to a woman.

With Language of Desire, you learn how to do this effortlessly with professional dating and relationship coaching, advice, techniques, guidance and much more. So, if you’re ready to take control of your love life and embrace the strong, sexy and confident woman that you are, this program teaches you everything there is to know.

Language of Desire Review


What is Language of Desire?

Like most of us women, you’ve likely been on your fair share of bad first dates… Or seemingly amazing first dates, only to later be ghosted because they somehow, someway lost interest. It happens to all of us.  But believe it or not, you have the power to attract any man you desire and it all comes down to science.

The Language of Desire is an online program that gives women the inside scoop on attraction, so they can effortlessly make any man totally obsessed with them. It’s a comprehensive program that is highly based on the science of chemistry and attraction, and how four hormones come into play when someone experiences attraction. These hormones are: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, estrogen/oxytocin, all of which you can learn how to trigger to get any man you desire. And The Language of Desire teaches you how to do just that.

With this program, you receive everything there is to know about the process. From learning how men think to what makes them feel attracted to a woman, The Language of Desire has you covered with a vast array of topics and advice. It comes with an abundance of expert knowledge, dating coaching, secrets, and techniques, so you can step into any situation as a confident and irresistible woman who knows exactly how to captivate a man’s heart.

For example, here’s a sneak peek at the 10 manuals that make up the program:

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman
  • Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend (Hint: It’s Not His Dog)
  • Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex
  • Module 5: Create an Erotic Action Movie
  • Module 6: Desire Intensifiers
  • Module 7: For The Single Ladies
  • Module 8: Getting Your Fantasies Met
  • Module 9: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible
  • Module 10: Master Class

Within these manuals, you receive 33 effective strategies, step-by-step instructions, real-life examples, scenarios, templates, and more. The best part: it can all be downloaded right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop for use anywhere your dating life takes you. This is especially handy when you run into a sexy man and need a quick confidence (and knowledge) boost.  You can even try the entire system out risk-free for two months, as it’s backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

language of desire download page
A preview of the program’s dashboard.
This is where you will access or download the program’s materials.

Who Created The Program?

Felicity Keith is the author of Language of Desire. She is highly-respected within the dating and relationship field, who’s career started from her own personal struggles with relationships. Felicity spent countless hours delving into the topic, devouring every book, articles, and blogs she could get her hands on and even seeking guidance from a sex therapist to expand her knowledge. After developing a successful approach infused with her extensive research and personal growth, Felicity it all into a go-to guide that empowers women with the tools and techniques to transform their love lives.

Overview of The Program

Language of Desire is the ultimate program for learning how to tap into your inner sexy and unleash your confidence to effortlessly captivate the man you desire using the law of attraction.  This comprehensive program comes with 10 powerful modules, each infused with valuable dating and relationship knowledge related to a specific topic, technique or skillset.

The methods you learn come with detailed description, example scenarios, templates, step-by-step instructions and advice where needed to ensure you have everything you need to confidently put them into action.

Each module ends with a quick recap, covering the key concepts and techniques. You also receive interactive worksheets, so you can easily test and track your progress as you embark on this transformative journey.

language of desire table of contents
The PDF Manual’s Table of Contents.

Here’s a deeper look at what each module covers.

Module 1: Introduction

As the title suggests, this module serves as an introduction to the program, giving you the foundation and guidance on how to navigate through the program effectively and effortlessly. You also receive expert tips on becoming your best self, working through any limiting beliefs that may hinder your progress, breaking free from self-imposed barriers and unleashing your true potential.

Module 2: Become a Sexual Superwoman

  • Learn how to dump your fear of the “slut” label
  • Determine your sexual boundaries
  • Discover your growl-inducing Madonna Moan

This module is packed with all kinds of information and techniques that empower you to discover your own turn-ons and desires. It aims to help you explore and understand your personal preferences, identify boundaries, and navigate your intimate experiences in a way that aligns with your comfort and desires. You also receive expert guidance on the art of sexting!

Module 3: Loving Man’s Best Friend (Hint: It’s Not His Dog)

  • Understand the secrets of his sex drive
  • Learn why his penis is so important to him
  • Rethink pornography (this one is controversial!)
  • Learn the Porn Destroyer

This module is all about understanding the inner workings of a man. You learn everything about how the male mind works when it comes relationships, their body, their penises, porn, myths, fears, and much more.

Module 4: Brain Chemistry and Sex

  • Explore how desire and sex work with our primitive mind
  • Using the potent cuddle hormone technique
  • Have fun with Pavlov’s Erection technique
  • Learn the power of Sexual Singularity

This module gives you the knowledge needed to understand the inner workings of a man, on a deeper level. It’s highly based on how the male brain works and the different hormones that get released when men feel a certain way. You’re provided with techniques to keep those chemicals going to activate the science behind sex and chemistry.  

Module 5: Erotic Action Movie Technique

  • Make him the star of your own sexy movie script
  • Writing your script step by step
  • Learn a variety of ways to share your movie with him

In this module, you receive powerful advice, tips and guidance for channeling your inner confident sex kitten. It’s about embracing your unique allure and mastering the art of getting what you want and desire in any situation. And it all starts with understanding how to appeal to the “hero” instinct that every man possesses and that influences their attraction and emotional connection.

Module 6: Desire Intensifiers

  • Masterfully crank up the sexual heat
  • Make him pant with desire with the tease intensifier
  • Learn a blow job to blow his mind with the oral intensifier
  • Snap “him” to attention with Verbal Viagra

This module is all about setting you up with simple yet powerful techniques that will instantly ignite passion and leave your partner satisfied and craving for more. You receive all of the knowledge and methods needed to tap into your sexiest side, bring out your seductive moves and unleash your inner vixen to ensure that every moment becomes an unforgettable experience for both you and your partner.

Module 7: Upgrade Your Relationship Status

  • Use dirty talk effectively when dating
  • Get him to commit with the Monogamous Male Maximizer
  • How to go from Friend-Zone to Fantasy Girl

This module is your go-to resource for professional coaching that will help you take your relationship to the next level – and get your partner excited about it too! Whether you are looking to transition from friends with benefits to a meaningful relationship or move out of the friend zone and into a monogamous partnership, this guide helps you determine what you truly want and how to pursue it with confidence. It also covers effective communication, building emotional connections, and creating a solid foundation for a committed relationship.

Module 8: Getting Your Fantasies Met

  • Planting desire seeds
  • Have dirty fun with The Lust Mirror technique
  • Practically read his mind using erotic telepathy
  • Make him your hero with the romance rotator
  • Explore your kinky side with 50 shades of experimenting

In this module, you learn how to guide your partner towards fulfilling your deepest desires. It gives you all of the knowledge and techniques, tips and strategies for adding an extra dose of adventure and intimacy to your relationship.

Module 9: When “Sex” Isn’t Possible

  • Getting around life’s sexual obstacle course
  • Learn how to be dirty from a distance
  • Use the no touch lay to keep things hot
  • Learn about the invisible chastity belt (it’s more fun than it sounds)

This module is designed to empower you with techniques that help you create desire and strengthen the connection with your partner, even when sex isn’t possible. Whether you’re in a long-distance relationship, facing medical challenges, or simply choosing to delay physical intimacy, these techniques make it easy to turn up the heat in alternative ways. It also provides you with a variety of strategies for deepening emotional connections, fostering intimacy, and exploring creative ways to express desire.

Module 10: Dirty Talk Mastery

  • What if he’s a cold fish
  • Overcome objections
  • Fine-tune your technique
  • Plan out your dirty deeds

In this module, you learn how to become a master at dirty talk. You learn how to fine-tune your dirty talk technique and master the art of seduction through verbal communication with confidence. You also receive tips for if your partner isn’t receptive to dirty talk and how to handle any obstacles that may arise.

Free Bonuses

The program also hooks you up – pardon the pun – with these free bonuses:

  • Silent Seduction guide
  • Unstoppable Confidence with Michael Griswall
  • Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Approach is based on science and the law of attraction.
  • Aims to empower women to be the strong, sexy, confident woman that they are.
  • The entire program is super empowering for women.
  • Designed to give women the power, strength, knowledge, confidence, courage, and strategies for success in the dating world.
  • Can be used on any man, as it’s highly based on the male psyche.
  • Can be used by any woman – single, taken, or a relationship status in between.
  • Infused with professional dating and relationship coaching and advice.
  • Provides you with detailed steps, descriptions, templates, and real-life scenarios that make it super easy to use. 
  • Digital format for easy access right from your tech devices.
  • Can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Audio files are available for download.
  • Backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Disadvantages of the Program

Language of Desire is a digital program, which gives you access right from your tech device. However, a physical hardcopy of the program does not get shipped out to you. Although, if you wanted to have a printed version, you could always download and print the guide off from home. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about a seductive package arriving in the mail either.


Language of Desire is an online program that serves as the ultimate guide for women who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills when it comes to attraction, relationships and intimacy. It’s a comprehensive program that uncovers the secrets of a man’s mind, giving women everything they need to know to have the upper hand when it comes to dating and relationships. The program’s approach is highly based on science and the law of attraction, and packed with expert dating advice, techniques, worksheets, example scenarios, templates, and so much more. It’s even got your back with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free and see how it transforms your love life.

download language of desire pdf


Can I get a physical version shipped to me?

The program is digital, so there is no physical hardcopy available. However, it can be downloaded as a PDF file which can be printed off at home.

How easy are the techniques and will I know what I’m doing?

Every technique you’re provided within this program comes with detailed descriptions, step-by-step instructions, example scenarios, templates, worksheets and more to ensure you have everything you need to learn and implement the strategy with ease and confidence.

Are there any discount codes available?

The author has not released any additional discounts for the program but does offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so anyone can try it out, risk-free.

Can I contact the author if I have any questions?

Absolutely. You can reach the author and her team via email from their official website.


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