The Devotion System Review

The Devotion System is the ultimate guide for women who are tired of going on mediocre dates and who are ready to take control of their love life by learning the most effective dating and relationship techniques. It’s designed to help you get the man you want by becoming the woman you want to be; a confident, strong, knowledgeable woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. But don’t be mistaken, this program doesn’t require you to change your stands, who you are or what you want. Instead, it gives you the information, tips, techniques and exercises needed to understand how men work and what they want. It teaches you how to become your best self to get everything you deserve in your love life. So, if you’re tired of having horrible first dates, being ghosted, finding jerks, or swiping right on people who never reply, you’ve come to the right place. The Devotion System is a comprehensive program that teaches you how to make any man you want crave a passionate, healthy, monogamous relationship with you.

The Devotion System Review

What is The Devotion System?

If you’re tired of swiping right on jerks, going on boring first dates, or hitting it off with a guy who ends up ghosting you, join the club. Dating is the hardest it’s ever been because everything is digital. Things have changed and so have men. So, that advice you’re getting from your grandma, mom or even your older sister simply won’t work with the way things are today. You need new, updated advice and techniques, and that’s precisely what this program gives you.

The Devotion System is an online dating and relationship program that is designed exclusively for women who are ready to find a man and get them to commit. It teaches you a series of powerful techniques and tips that have proven to work time and time again because they are based on how men think and act. This program gives you the inside scoop on how men tick, so you can better understand how to appeal to the guy you want. However, The Devotion System is not like other dating and relationship programs that require you to change your stands, who you are or what you want. In fact, it works with you. It comes with a variety of professional advice that help you find your inner best self, the confident woman you truly are. This is done by guiding you through exercises that guide you through letting go of past relationships and heartbreaks. It helps you find out what’s been affecting your relationships and what to do about it. Once you have figured these things out, you’re provided with powerful techniques and tips based on the psychology of a man. They’re also super easy to understand and implement, which is key because you want to feel comfortable and confident using whatever approach you choose. I’ll get into the nitty gritty of the program in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at what you receive:

  • Main Manual
  • 13 Video Series
    • The P.A.S.S. System
    • Celebrity S.P.A.R.K.S.
    • Embracing Your Inner Marilyn
    • What Makes Men Stop Chasing You
    • How To Avoid Negative Communication
    • Texting Devotion Sequence
    • The 15 Different Types of Men
    • What Kind Of Woman Are You?
    • The Chemistry of Commitment
    • How To Make Him Addicted To You?
    • How to Have The Perfect First Date
    • Make Your Relationship Cheat-Proof
    • Final Thoughts
  • Free Bonus #1: Textual Chemistry
  • Free Bonus #2: Cheat Proofing
  • Free Bonus #3: Finding Love Online

The best part? You get all of this as soon as you purchase. Since the program is digital, you receive immediate access right away. You just access the website and use the program there, or you can download the content onto your smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer. This makes it easy to use the program at your leisure wherever you want, and it also keeps your secret weapon, well, a secret. Plus, if you ever forget a technique and run into a potential beau, you can quickly and conveniently pull up the program on your smartphone for a quick refresher. On a first date that doesn’t seem to be going so well? Excuse yourself “to the bathroom” and find a technique that fits. It’s like having a personal dating and relationship coach right in your pocket.

download page
How the download page for the program looks like.

The program is also backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose, girl. You can try it out for two months, risk-free.

Who Created The Devotion System?

Amy North is the creator of The Devotion System. She is a best-selling author (thanks to this program), a professional dating coach and relationship expert and someone who has personally gone through the battlefields when dating. Amy has helped thousands of women across the globe learn how to get the love (and man) they want, simply by switching up their approach.

Quick Overview of The Devotion System

The Devotion System is a comprehensive dating and relationship guide for women who are tired of not finding exactly what they want in a man and relationship. It’s an empowering program that provides women with the secrets, knowledge and techniques that are going to drastically change their dating game.

The program is a three-part series that comes with an abundance of awesome information about men, what makes them tick, what sends them running, and so much more, well throughout the system. It gives you powerful information and techniques that helps you let go, move on and become the woman you want to be to get the man you want to have. This includes therapeutic tips that help you eradicate insecurities and issues from your past, strategies for discovering the best version of you, ways to boost your confidence, and how to totally own your next date. The techniques come with simple step-by-step instructions, examples, scenarios, and much more, to make it easy to implement into your dating regime.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect:

  • Part 1: Letting Go and Moving On
    1. The P.A.S.S. System
    2. Become a Dream Woman
    3. S.P.A.R.K. Breakdown
    4. Get What You Want in a Relationship
    5. The Love Buzz Mindset
    6. What Stands Between You and Mr. Right
    7. Six Steps to Embracing Your Inner Marilyn
  • Part 2: Men 101
    1. Myths About Men
    2. How Men Work
    3. What Makes Men Chase You
    4. What Pushes Him Away
    5. How to Hook and Seduce Him
    6. The Devotion Sequence
    7. The 15 Types of Men
    8. Men To Avoid
    9. Subconscious Signals He Sends
  • Part 3: Stages of Love
    1. What Kind of Woman Are You?
    2. The Monogamy Message
    3. The Phone Phrenzy Technique
    4. How To Make Him Addicted To You
    5. The Date
    6. When To Sleep With Him
    7. His Hot Spots
    8. Tips To Turn Him On
    9. Ways TO Make Him Happily Monogamous
    10. Preventing Infidelity
    11. What To Do When He Pulls Away
    12. Warning Signs
    13. Signs That He’s The One
    14. How TO Let Him Down Gently
    15. How to Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship
Manual's table of contents
The program manual’s table of contents.

The video series dives deeper into the most important topics, such as:

  1. The P.A.S.S. System
  2. Celebrity S.P.A.R.K.S.
  3. Embracing Your Inner Marilyn
  4. What Makes Men Stop Chasing You
  5. How To Avoid Negative Communication
  6. Texting Devotion Sequence
  7. The 15 Different Types of Men
  8. What Kind Of Woman Are You?
  9. The Chemistry of Commitment
  10. How To Make Him Addicted To You?
  11. How to Have The Perfect First Date
  12. Make Your Relationship Cheat-Proof
  13. Final Thoughts
video series
How the video series looks like.

Don’t forget, you also receive three bonuses.

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

The one thing that really stood out to me is that The Devotion System isn’t just a dating and relationship program. It’s a women’s empowerment system. It guides you towards being your best self and letting go of all the crap that is interrupting your love life, and that, to me, is one of the best advantages.

I also loved how detailed the system is. It covers so many topics and provides an abundance of knowledge and techniques. They’re all super easy too, which is always nice.

The digital version makes it easy and convenient to use whenever you need and wherever you please and can you ever go wrong with being able to try something risk-free for two months? So, the Money Back Guarantee is definitely on the advantage list.

Disadvantages of the Program

As a picky person, I am surprised that I don’t have any disadvantages to mention. Perhaps being able to opt for a physical version if you wanted it would be nice. Although, then you would have to carry around a massive text book and would still have to use the digital version for the videos.


The Devotion System is a powerful and empowering program designed exclusively for women who are ready to take control and find the man (and relationship) of their dreams. It’s incredibly comprehensive and covers a vast array of techniques, advice, perspectives, scenarios and so much more. It’s like having a personal relationship coach at your side at all times and since you can download it onto your tech devices, this is an accurate statement. Add in the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and you just can’t go wrong.

download the devotion system pdf


Is there a physical version available?

The program is 100% digital. However, you can always print off the PDF version at home if you’d like a physical version.

Do I have to be online to access the materials?

Everything except for the videos can be downloaded onto your personal tech devices. So, you can use the program offline with the written manual and access the videos online if you choose.

How do I know I’m using the techniques correctly?

Throughout the program, you’re provided with a breakdown of the techniques, complete with simple steps, examples and scenarios. So, using them is super easy and there are so many different options, you’ll be able to find one that works best for you.

Are there any discounts?

There are no current discounts being offered as the program is already reasonably priced and offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. However, you can check the official website to keep an eye open for any potential offers.

What if I require more help?

In the member’s area, you’ll find an exclusive support page where you can submit tickets regarding any issues you are experiencing. You’ll also see “Seeking Amy’s Advice”, where you can also message Amy directly for any personal advice.


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