The Diabetes Fix Review

The Diabetes Fix is a powerful online treatment program designed to help people learn how to heal and reverse their Type 2 diabetes naturally. Studies show that the average cost of conventional treatment for Type 2 diabetes ranges upwards of $5000 a month – and that’s just to manage your symptoms. These types of treatments are not designed to cure, heal or reverse your disease, so the problem persists. As a result, that $5000 monthly fee is a recurring fee, which means you end up forking over a ton of money for a treatment that doesn’t fix the problem. It sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of the clinical studies supporting the use of superfoods and other natural remedies that can erase your symptoms, heal your body and reverse Type 2 diabetes.

With The Diabetes Fix, you learn how to use superfoods to unclog your arteries and boost your pancreatic functioning, so your insulin can flow freely. By doing so, you can ultimately get to the source of your Type 2 diabetes and fix the problem at the root cause to eliminate it. It’s 100% natural and everything you need to understand how to implement this regime is available to you right now.

The Diabetes Fix Review

What is The Diabetes Fix?

Studies estimate that more than 34 million Americans have diabetes, with more than 90-95% of people having Type 2 diabetes specifically. That is a large portion of the diabetic community spending approximately $5000 every month in hopes of keeping their disease at bay.

The Diabetes Fix is a revolutionary program that’s designed to help people learn how to soothe, heal and reverse their Type 2 Diabetes naturally. Unlike conventional treatments, the approach is focused on getting down to the root cause of the problem to eliminate it for good. It’s a comprehensive, two-part program that is largely about getting superfoods, such as plant-based herbs and spices, fish and dairy, into your diet. Superfoods are nutritionally dense ingredients that have exponential healing properties. By including them into your diet, you can begin the healing process – from the inside out.

Medical reports state that with proper lifestyle and diet changes, you can begin clearing out blocked arteries. By continuing with these lifestyle and diet changes, you can prevent the plaque from accumulating moving forward to maintain optimal health. With The Diabetes Fix, you learn the simple steps to doing just that. No extra equipment is needed, nor do you have to undergo medical procedures or surgery to remove blockages. It’s 100% natural with a focus on superfoods and smaller portions dedicated to the importance of exercise. Now, I’ll delve into the details of this in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at the two parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction – Are You Prepared for the Coming Health Apocalypse?
  • Part 2: The Superfood Diabetes Reversal Diet

The first part of the program is where you receive an abundance of important information that helps you understand your health, Type 2 diabetes and the natural approach better. Then, the second part puts all of your newfound information into an easy-to-follow guide that shows you how to implement what you’ve learned. This includes food lists, herbs and spice lists, recipes, meal plans, lifestyle tips, exercise recommendations, pre-made grocery shopping lists, and much more.

Now, since Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition that you’ll want to get on top of as soon as possible, you’ll be happy to know that you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase. The program is digital, so you just access it online and download the material onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  This gives you quick and convenience access whenever you need or wherever your meals take you.

download page
How the download page looks like

The program is also backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free for two months.

Who Created The Diabetes Fix?

The Diabetes Fix was created by Mike Geary and Catherine (Cat) Ebeling. Mike is a renowned natural health researcher and natural health advocate and is the mastermind behind many best-selling books and successful programs that teach people how to heal naturally. Cat is a Registered Nurse and has spent more than 30 years studying diet, nutrition, food allergies, weight loss, and disease specifically.  

Quick Overview of The Diabetes Fix

The Diabetes Fix is a comprehensive two-part program that gives you all the knowledge and steps needed to start healing with superfoods. The program provides you with an abundance of information that teaches you everything there is to know about type 2 Diabetes, superfoods, your health, medication and much more. It’s infused with clinical studies and evidence-based information that show you how eating more superfoods can free you of your Type 2 diabetes.

Then, everything gets put together for you in an easy, step-by-step healing protocol that shows you how to use your newfound information to begin healing. The steps are really simple, the ingredient lists are delicious and the recipes are made with easy-to-find ingredients that are even easier to devour. The program also comes with tips for creating a diabetes-free zone, delicious food lists, spice lists, pre-made grocery shopping lists, recipes, meal plans, lifestyle tips and so much more.

Check it out:

  • Part 1: Introduction – Are You Prepared for the Coming Health Apocalypse?
    • Could You or Someone You Know Have Diabetes and Not Know It?
      • Monitoring your health for diabetes
    • The Pathology of Diabetes – What Goes Wrong in Our Bodies
      • Type 2 Diabetes is an insidious, deadly disease
      • Complications of diabetes – it’s not just diabetes that can kill you
      • How diabetes affects the various systems in your body
        • Cardiovascular disease
        • Kidney disease
        • Nerves
        • Eye diseases
        • Pregnancy complications
        • Respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis
        • Gum disease
        • Dementia and Alzheimer’s
        • Cancer
        • Depression and Anxiety
    • How Medication, Insulin and Standard Diabetes Treatments Worsen Diabetes
      • It’s a vicious downward spiral
      • Type 2 diabetes evolves from poor diet and lifestyle
      • The cost of diabetes
    • Why Our Current SAD Diet Causes Diabetes, Obesity and Heart Disease
      • Food addictions
      • The Trouble with Sugar
        • Sugar Addiction
        • Liquid Sugar – The Most Dangerous Form
        • Blood Sugar, Insulin and Aging
        • What about Artificial Sweeteners
      • The Trouble With Grains
      • Advanced Glycated End Products
  • Part 2: The Superfood Diabetes Reversal Diet
    • Understanding the Glycemic Index and Glycemix Load
      • How to Identify Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoid
      • What’s the Difference Between Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load
      • Low Glycemic Index Carbs + Proteins and Health Fats = Lower Blood Sugar
    • Creating the Diabetes-Free Zone
      • The Kitchen Cleanout – Foods You Must Remove
    • Superfoods That Lower Blood Sugar and Protect Against Diabetes
      • Diabetes-Fighting Superfoods
      • Loving Your Diabetes-Fighting Veggies
      • 10 Delicious Ways to Get Veggies Into Your Diet
      • Top 10 Superfoods for Fighting Diabetes
      • The Keto Diet for Type 2 Diabetes and How Effective Is It
      • What is the Difference between a Paleo Diet and Keto Diet?
      • How a Keto Diet Works for Type 2 Diabetes
      • How a Keto Diet Affects Insulin and Blood Sugar
      • Conventional Diabetic Diets vs. Keto Diets
    • Nutritional Supplements to Keep Blood Sugar in Check
      • Diabetes Fighting Supplements
    • Superfood Spices That Fight Diabetes
      • The Incredible Power of Herbs and Spices
    • High Impact Ways to Improve Your Insulin Sensitivity
      • Exercise Burns off Excess Glucose and Makes Cells more Sensitive to Insulin
        • Lifting Weights
        • Interval Training
        • Tabatas
        • Training at Altitude
        • Exercise First Thing in the AM Without Eating
        • Take a Daily Walk
        • Meditation
        • Yoga
        • Sleep
      • Meal Plans and Recipes        
        • Foods to Avoid
        • What Do You Eat if You Are Vegetarian
        • Phase 1 – The Sugar and Junk Detox
        • Phase 2 – Blood Sugar Maintenance and Optimizing Your Health
        • Foods to Include from Phase 1
        • Foods You May Add in Small Portions
        • Continue to Avoid These Foods
        • Recipes and Meal Plan
    • Your Superfood Diabetes Reversal Diet Shopping List
table of contents
The guide’s table of contents

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

One of the greatest advantages of using The Diabetes Fix is that it is diet-based, but is not a traditional diet by any means. With this program, you don’t have to worry about calorie counting, doing major food restrictions, portion controlling all of your meals or adding exhausting intense cardio into each day. Instead of being about food elimination, as most diets are, this one is all about eating. This makes it easy, tasty and sustainable, which is so important to keep the healing going.

I also appreciated having the program downloaded onto my private tech devices, as it ensures I had the information I needed wherever my meals took me, whether it’s to a friend’s for dinner or to my favourite restaurant.

Another major benefit is how much evidence and clinical studies are provided throughout. On top of that, you can even try it out risk-free for two months with the money back guarantee. How’s that for confidence? Oh, and you can save the $5000 you spend on conventional treatments each month too.

Disadvantages of the Program

I can’t think of any disadvantages but it would be neat if you had the option to get the program in hardcopy. Although the digital version adds convenience, accessibility and versatility, sometimes it’s nice to flip through a physical book.


The Diabetes Fix is a powerful program that teaches you a simple, natural way to begin healing and reversing Type 2 diabetes with superfoods. It’s highly based on clinical studies that support the use of superfoods for healing and you even get to try it out risk-free with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

download the diabetes fix pdf


Does it work if I’m a Type 1 Diabetic?

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are entirely different conditions caused by different factors. This program is designed specifically for people with Type 2 Diabetes or having pre-diabetes, or who are interested in lowering their blood glucose levels. So, it will not work for Type 1 diabetes.

Is it safe?

Yes, the program should be safe as it is 100% natural and based on making healthy lifestyle and diet changes. However, you may wish to consult your health practitioner first.

Does it require me to take some exotic supplement or ‘detox cleanse’ recipes?

The program does not mention any exotic supplements, herbs or detox cleanses. Any supplements mentioned are just recommendations and can be found at your local grocery store and are not required. They’re also the affordable kinds!

Is there a physical copy of the program?

No, the program is digital. However, if you wanted a physical version you can download the guide and print it off at home.

Is there any other programs the author has created?

Mike Geary is also the author of The Truth About Six Pack Abs, and The Fat Burning Kitchen programs.

What if I have a question or issue regarding the program?

Any questions or issues can be directed to the creators of the program via their official website. You can also leave us a message and we’ll do our best to assist you.


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