Back Pain Breakthrough Review

Back Pain Breakthrough is a powerful relief program designed to teach people how to find permanent back pain relief by using specific movements that realign the spine. It brings the doctor to you, only in digital form, and is far less expensive than traditional in-person care. Back pain is the sixth most expensive condition to have in the United States, according to studies. The health care costs and indirect costs are well over $12 billion each year. As a result, many people opt for over-the-counter medications or even prescription medications that are only designed to soothe the symptoms… Until they’re back again. With Back Pain Breakthrough, you are able to get the physical therapy you need for a fraction of the cost of in-person sessions. The system and regime you learn are designed to realign your spine through targeted spinal release techniques to get down to the root cause of the problem and eliminate it. No extra equipment is needed and you can do the entire 30-day program right at home.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review


What is Back Pain Breakthrough?

Ask anyone and they likely have experienced debilitating back pain at one point or another. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things where if you have it once, you’ll have it again unless you get the proper treatment. However, receiving the treatment you need is often super expensive and not a realistic option for many people. After all, back pain is the sixth most expensive condition in the United States.

Back Pain Breakthrough is a revolutionary program designed to give people the relief they need, right at home. It’s a powerful 30-day system that focuses on teaching you how to realign your spine through a series of targeted spinal relief movements. With these movements, when done in sequence, you can safely and effectively tackle the main source of back pain.

But how you ask? Back Pain Breakthrough teaches you all about the details of the regime and how it works. The quick version is that it focuses on releasing three major pressure points in your body, which transform and realigns your spine so you can eliminate back pain once and for all.

I will delve into the details of the program in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at what you receive when you sign up:

  1. 6-Part Video Masterclass
  2. Target Spinal Release Manual
  3. Accelerated Healing Techniques eBook

Since back pain is so debilitating and anyone who has ever experienced it knows just how many movements rely on the back. So, you’ll be happy to know that you receive immediate access to the program. It is digital, meaning you can access the program right on your tech devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You can also download the content to ensure you have the program readily available to you, even if you don’t have the internet. Now, if you aren’t tech savvy, no worries. There are detailed instructions on how to download the program depending on what you’re using, whether it’s a mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android. You’ll also be thankful for the download, as it allows for quick and easy access at any time.

A preview of the download page for the program.

Now, if you’re new to online programs, you may be a little hesitant to start – totally normal. So, the program offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which gives you two months to use the program and see how you like it. I highly doubt you’ll have any complaints since you’re literally getting therapeutic doctor’s appointments right in your living room or wherever you choose.

Who Created Back Pain Breakthrough?

The creator of Back Pain Breakthrough is Dr. Steve Young. He is a holistic coach with a Degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. Dr. Steve Young runs his own practice and is quite renowned for his successful and unique approach to healing pain.  He has appeared on major media outlets, such as Fox News, and is a contributing author in many Medical Research Journals. Dr. Steve Young’s approach is also practiced by prestigious doctors and at establishments, including Washington University School of Medicine to treat their own patients. When he isn’t working on a client, Dr. Steve Young dedicates his time to being a speaker and coach.

Quick Overview of Back Pain Breakthrough

Back Pain Breakthrough is a powerful 30-day program designed to help people tackle the root source of their back pain to eliminate it altogether. Taught to you by a professional physical therapist, it is quite literally like bringing the doctor to you, only in digital form. With this program, you learn a series of specific movements that realign your spine to alleviate and eradicate your pain for good.

It’s a comprehensive program that comes with two written manuals and a 6-series video masterclass.  Within each, you receive important information about your back pain and how you can start healing by using specific movements that correct and realign your spine. Each step of the program comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to ensure you know exactly what to do to start eliminating your pain. Although, the movements are simple, gentle and therapeutic, and easy enough for anyone to do, no matter their age, flexibility or level of back pain. And it’s all put together for you in a 30-day action plan where you’re guided through the process.

To give you a better idea of the types of things you’ll be learning and doing over the course of the next 30 days, here’s a sneak peek inside:  

6-Video Series Masterclass

  1. The Real Cause of Your Back Pain
  2. The Target Spinal Relief
  3. How to Fix the Pain Instantly
  4. The Warrior Method
  5. Lifehacks for a Pain Free Life
  6. Muscular Imbalances, Easy Solutions
  7. + Your Action Steps for Success

In the 6-Video Series masterclass, you’ll find a variety of videos that help you in a variety of ways. You’ll find videos that teach you the real cause of your back pain, how to use a target spinal relief movement, which also comes with a manual that includes a 30-day plan, how to use the warrior method, life hacks for a pain-free life, how to deal with muscular imbalances using easy solutions, and actionable steps you can take. You also get a video called “How to fix the pain instantly”. Each video comes with a breakdown of what is covered with where you can find that specific topic. For example, “How to Fix The Pain Instantly” covers:

  • Your Body Wants To Heal (0:00)
  • Identifying Your Obstacles That Prevent You From Healing (0:42)
  • Why Other Therapies Haven’t Work For You Before (2:05)
  • The Importance Of Your Gut Health (4:20)
  • Warrior Method Revealed (8:35)
  • The Anatomy Of Your Hip Flexors (9:40)
  • The Right Way To Stretch (12:30)

Throughout the videos, you receive step-by-step instructions verbally and visually, so you know exactly how to do each movement for maximum relief.

Targeted Spinal Release

  1. How to Use This Manual
  2. The Secret Cause of your Back Pain
  3. The 30 Day Action Plan
  4. My 30 Day Back Pain Breakthrough Calendar
  5. Movement 1: The Peaceful Warrior
  6. Movement 2: Awakened Warrior
  7. Movement 3: Strong Warrior

The Target Spinal Release Manual comes with that 30-day plan I mentioned earlier and focuses on using three simple movements to provide you with that relief. Both the manual and corresponding video include detailed instructions, follow-along steps and visuals to help you put these movements into action.

The main manual’s table of contents

Advanced Healing Techniques

  1. How to Sit for a Strong Healthy Back
  2. How to Fix Your Computer Setup
  3. Lifting
  4. Golfers Tilt
  5. Lunges
  6. Types of Back Pain and Imbalances
  7. How to Know If You Have a Disc Bulging
  8. How to Treat Stenosis
  9. Fixing Muscular Imbalances
  10. Imbalanced Piriformis and How to Stretch It
  11. Acute or Chronic Pain and How to Relief It
  12. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Daily Drink

The Accelerated Healing Techniques eBook is the complete package in terms of everything you need to know about healing your back pain. It’s a comprehensive guide designed to get you living pain free even faster and comes infused with awesome information that you can implement into your everyday life, such as sitting properly, a daily drink recipe, and much more.

The bonus guide’s table of contents

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

As someone who has experienced how debilitating back pain is, I can happily say that the greatest advantage of Back Pain Breakthrough is having a solution that anyone can do, regardless of their budget. It’s cost-friendly and brings the physical therapist to you through digital videos and manuals that quite literally guide you through what-would-be in-person sessions. And that’s priceless.

I also liked having the option to download the videos and manuals onto my device, so I could access them anytime whether or not I had the internet. This is also key since it is a 30-day program and you’ll want to make sure you can do it every day for the full 30 days.

Now, since we are talking about our backs – an incredibly important part of the body you never want to take risks on, I really liked that the program was created by a doctor. It is also backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a great confidence booster.

Disadvantages of the Program

I’m a picky person, but I really can’t find any disadvantages to using Back Pain Breakthrough. It has videos and written manuals that guide you through the therapeutic movements that can eliminate your back pain. What’s to complain about that? If I had a suggestion, it would be to have audio files that can be downloaded, so you can listen to the steps instead of watching a video.


Back Pain Breakthrough is a powerful online program that brings the physical therapist appointments to you in digital form. It uses therapeutic, targeted spinal release movements that correct and realign your spine, and that are simple enough for anyone to use. And it’s supported by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.



Does the program require you to use special equipment or tools?

No equipment or tools are needed. The program takes on an all-natural approach that uses your own bodyweight to find relief through stretching techniques. All of the movements can also be done on your own without the need for someone’s assistance.

Does the program come in a physical copy?

The program does not come in a physical copy. It is 100% digital, which comes with plenty of benefits as you receive immediate access and can access it anytime, anywhere. You also have the option to download the videos and guides to your tech devices, so it’s like a physical version only on your phone, tablet or computer. It sure beats lugging around a big book and DVD.

I’m not computer-savvy and I want the use the program. Is there a guide to do so?

One of the great things about the program is that it comes with step-by-step instructions on downloading the program based on the device you have. So, you select mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or Android and you get instructions for that. You can also contact their support team if you still need help, but you should be fine with just the instructions

Is the program safe?

The program uses natural stretches for back pain relief. It is 100% natural and done without the use of equipment or supplements. The techniques are also shown to you in detailed steps, so it should be safe. However, if you have any uncertainty, or if you feel your back pain worsening, you may want to consult your doctor.


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