Pelvic Floor Strong System Review

Pelvic Floor Strong System is an online healing program designed to help women eliminate all types of urine leakage, including Diastasis Recti. It’s estimated that 25 million Americans experience urine leakage, with 80% of them being women, according to studies. However, it’s something that isn’t really talked about all that much. Sure, we all make jokes that we just “peed a little”, but rarely is there a conversation about why urine leakage happens and what you can do about it. Unfortunately, many of us women have written it off as a part of getting older, having kids or one of the million of other reasons we have used to explain why we pee our pants… “just a little”. As if it’s normal, right? And sure, it’s normal in the sense that so many of us deal with it and it is harmless, other than hurting your ego and underpants. The good news is that we can all stop “peeing a little”. Pelvic Floor Strong System teaches you a series of specific movements designed to strengthen your pelvic area to eliminate all types of leakage. No equipment is needed (or weird devices or contractions). Everything can be done right at home and in only a couple of minutes each day.

Pelvic Floor Strong System Review

What is Pelvic Floor Strong System?

Urine leakage can happen for a vast array of reasons. Childbirth and age are two of the main causes that most women can relate to. Although there is nothing to be embarrassed about – no shame here, ladies – we can all agree that feeling a trickle of pee every time you laugh, sneeze, cough, jump or bend a certain way isn’t fun.

Pelvic Floor Strong System is a powerful program that gets down to the solution of urine leakage. It’s an online healing regime that guides you through a series of pelvic strengthening movements that tighten up the area responsible for leakage. Yes, all of this time peeing your pants and the solution is that simple. Just like any other muscle in your body, your pelvic muscles need to be worked. During things such as childbirth or with age, your pelvic muscles become weakened and if they aren’t worked out, they stay this way. Urine leakage is the result of those weakened muscles. Ending leakage simply requires you to strengthen them.

With Pelvic Floor Strong System, you learn all about your pelvic floor health and muscles. Then, it teaches you a simple, natural way to put an end to urine leakage so you can laugh, sneeze, jump and cough with confidence again. It’s a really easy system that provides you with a series of gentle pelvic strengthening exercises designed to tighten the area responsible for urine leakage. The exercises are separated into a three-step regime and are designed to have you complete them each day. Don’t worry, they are super gentle, easy and everything can be done right at home. No extra equipment is needed and you can complete the series of movements in just a couple of minutes.

I’ll break down the program in more details in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what it comes with:

  1. Main Manual + Informational Video
  2. Flat Belly Fast Manual + Video
  3. Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist
  4. Free Bonus #1: Fat-Burning Dessert Recipes
  5. Free Bonus #2: 25 “Forbidden” Cures: Uncensored Health Book
download page for the manual PDFs
The download page for the manuals

As you can see, the program is a complete guide that teaches you about your pelvic health and how to improve it. It comes with a written guide, videos, checklists and much more.

Now, here’s the best part; you receive instant access to all of this as soon as you purchase. This means that you can start eliminating your urine leakage and improving your pelvic health right away. You just sign in and download the content onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and everything is there for you whenever and wherever you need it. This also means that you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving in the mail, thank goodness! As if peeing your pants “just a little” wasn’t embarrassing enough, you don’t need the whole neighborhood to know.

video download page
How the program’s download page for the videos look like

The program is also supported by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. So, you get two months to see how these movements work for you before deciding if it’s something you want to stick with. Although, you shouldn’t need anything close to two months to see the benefits of using this system to eliminate all types of urine leakage and Diastasis Recti permanently and naturally without having to do too much.   

Who Created the Pelvic Floor Strong System?

Alex Miller is the author of Pelvic Floor Strong System. She is a fitness instructor and women’s health specialist, a TRX certified and an expert in prenatal and postnatal fitness. Alex also specializes in functional movement, meditation and weight training, and is the “go-to-woman” for all things women’s health. She has thousands of clients currently learning this system at some of the most prestigious fitness studies in Vancouver. Many of them are top leaders in the health industry, including chiropractors, professional athletes, celebrities, and physical therapists who intend on using this very system to help their own patients.

Quick Overview of the Pelvic Floor Strong System

Pelvic Floor Strong System is a powerful program that teaches you how to eliminate all types of urine leakage easily, naturally and permanently. It’s quite comprehensive, as it takes the time to teach you about your pelvic health before diving into the treatment regime. This allows you to gain the knowledge needed to understand your body, your urine leakage and the regime provided.

Then, it puts all of your newfound information into a quick and simple regime you can do each day to begin strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. This regime consists of three steps, which are:

  1. 360° Breathing
  2. Three Step Movement Sequence
  3. Good Posture

From start-to-finish, you only need approximately 3-10 minutes a day to complete the daily pelvic strengthening movements. Each comes with detailed instructions, videos, diagrams and photos that guide you through the process as well. So, you know exactly what to do to finally put an end to urine leakage.

The program also comes with a Diastasis Recti Improvement Checklist, which you can use to track your progress over the next 10 weeks.

Here’s a more detailed look at the program as a whole:

Main Manual

  1. About Alex
  2. Introduction
  3. The Pelvic Floor
    1. What is the Pelvic Floor?
    1. When Your Pelvic Floor is Functional, You Experience…
    1. When Your Pelvic Floor is Dysfunctional, You Experience…
    1. Two Types of Pelvic Dysfunction
    1. Is My Pelvic Floor Overactive or Underactive?
    1. How to Release Tight/Overactive Pelvic Floor Muscles
    1. What is a Kegel?
    1. How to Do a Proper Kegel
  4. 360 ° Breathing
    1. What is 360 ° Breathing?
    1. How to 360 ° Breathe
  5. The Core
    1. Your Core is an Abdominal Canister
    1. Intra-Abdominal Pressure
    1. Engaging Your Core
    1. Follow These Steps to Learn How to Engage your Core
  6. Posture
    1. Incorrect Yet Common Postures
    1. Finding Your Neutral Spine
    1. Tight Pecs
    1. Pec Stretches
    1. Try This
  7. Diastasis Recti
    1. What is Diastasis Recti?
    1. Why is Diastasis Recti Problematic?
    1. How to Check for Diastasis Recti
    1. Improving Diastasis Recti
    1. Different Variations of Diastasis Recti
  8. Daily Steps
table of contents
The manual’s table of contents

This manual serves as the ultimate guide to pelvic health for women. Readers can expect to learn everything there is to know about pelvic health, dysfunction, disorders, and most important, what to do to improve your health and strengthen your pelvic floor. You learn about the different symptoms of pelvic dysfunction and hat to look for, and you even learn how to decipher whether you’re suffering from an underactive or overactive type.

Once you’ve gained all the knowledge needed, this manual provides you with a list of natural ways you can begin strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. This comes complete with follow-along exercise videos that show you how to perform the exercises properly for maximum benefits. You also receive breathing exercises, core-strengthening movements, posture-friendly recommendations and so much more.

The manual goes on to provide you with daily recommended steps to take to continue strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and avoiding those embarrassing “I just peed a little” moments.

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

The best advantage to using Pelvic Floor Strong System is that you can finally stop “peeing a little”. You don’t have to do anything extreme or weird either. You just spend 3-10 minutes a day working on strengthening the muscles in that area, which really isn’t too much to ask. The movements are gentle and come with detailed instructions too, so you know exactly what to do.

I also liked how the program comes with a ton of quality information about your pelvic floor system and how it gives you the content in different ways – videos, written guides, and so on.

Being able to try it out risk-free for two months is an awesome bonus too and I loved that professionals use this very system to treat their own in-person patients.   

Disadvantages of the Program

Ladies, I looked far and wide for a disadvantage to include here but I really couldn’t come up with anything. So, I guess the only disadvantage to using Pelvic Floor Strong System is that you do have to do the work. It’s minimal work but you do have to dedicate that three-ten minutes each day.


Pelvic Floor Strong System is a powerful program that teaches women valuable information and pelvic floor strengthening movements that can eliminate all types of urine leakage. It’s natural, easy and you only need 3 to 10 minutes to use the system each day. You even get two months to see what you think with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.



Is it safe? And can people over the age of 55 use it?

Yes. The program is all about doing stretches and very light exercises, so it should be safe for all ages. However, if you have any uncertainty, doubts or an underlying medical condition, you may wish to consult a doctor first.

Does the program require me to take any supplements or something?

Nope. Just a series of pelvic strengthening stretches and exercises, with a side dose of positive lifestyle changes.

Does the program help all types of pelvic floor dysfunctions?

Yes, the program is designed to work for all types of urine leakage and pelvic floor dysfunctions. This includes tight/overactive dysfunctions, as well as low tone/underactive dysfunctions. If you aren’t sure which one you have, this program will help you figure it out.

Do the 3-Step Movement Sequence exercises take up a lot of time? Is it easy?

Yes. Easy is an understatement. The exercises are all gentle stretches or movements, and can take as little as three to ten minutes a day to complete.

How soon can I see results?

This highly depends on the severity of your condition and how committed you are to the program. However, it is designed for you to see improvements in as little as 10 weeks and you can track your progress with ‘improvement checklist’ provided.


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    Hope you can help I am an 88 year old female and have had serious problems with both urinary and bowel problems,


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