Solar Safe Review: An In-Depth Look at Its Contents

Solar Safe is the only program you’ll ever need to learn how to build a reliable source of off-grid energy on a budget. With the cost of living and inflation being outrageously high (and only continuing to increase), learning how to significantly cut your bills is crucial. Electricity is the most expensive bill for many families, rightfully so in this digital age. You just can’t go without it; everything requires some source of power. But there’s another alternative.

Solar Safe guides you through the process of building a reliable energy source for your home for as little as $200. It requires no fancy skills or on-going maintenance. Once you’ve built it, you’re good to go and can see up to 68% of savings on your next electricity bill.

solar safe review


What is Solar Safe About?

When it comes to survival, there are only a few things you need and electricity is always at the top of the list. Solar Safe is an online program that guides you through the steps needed to create your very own off-grid energy source. And before you even think it, you don’t need any prior experience or skills.

Solar Safe is a comprehensive system that comes with a written manual and step-by-step video tutorials that have everything covered. From the basic principals of solar energy to the tools, wiring, cable and panel connection and more. Even if these terms don’t make sense to you right now, they will by the time you’ve completed the first couple of chapters. It’s that detailed!

And here’s the thing, you can build this small but mighty device on a budget. It costs as low as $200 (sometimes less depending on where you source your materials) and can be built in 4 hours. The best part? It’s strong enough to power everything from small appliances like your toaster to your entire home. It can even reduce your electricity bills by 68%.

The secret is all in the battery source. Solar Safe is based on the most common battery used: the car battery. These last for several years and can be recharged thoughts of times. They work in the hot. They work in the cold, in the wet, snow, wind – you name it. They are a reliable source of energy. Solar Safe then uses a solar charge to power the car battery and the rest is history.

All of this (and much more) is taught to you throughout the program, so if you’re already amazed, prepare to be even more so. Solar Safe also comes in a digital format. This provides you with instant access right on your personal tech devices, anytime and anywhere, whether it’s to the workshop or the hardware store. 

solar safe download page
Preview of the program’s download page.
You’ll be redirected here to get the program’s materials.

Now, if you aren’t sure saving a significant amount of money on your bills is for you, you can give the system a try for two months, entirely risk-free. This is through the 60-day money back guarantee offered with the program. You really have nothing to lose (other than several digits on your bill).

Who Created The Program

James Hall is the creator of this system. He is a 52-year old mechanic who resides in Milwaukee. The original concept actually came from his father, who created several of these “backup” systems in their shed. Turns out, they were strong enough to keep the entire home powered during the several severe flash blizzards that knocked everyone else’s power out.  Being the mechanic that he is, James then took this device and found a way to make it super affordable and easy for anyone to use.

Overview of the Program

Solar Safe is incredibly comprehensive, complete with all of the steps, tips and guidance needed to easily build your own reliable energy source. It comes with a detailed written manual, complete with diagrams, schematics, step-by-step instructions, tool lists, material lists and more. It even comes with recommendations on the best places to source the items needed.

Then, the videos take the steps provided in the manual, and visually show you how to complete them. These are broken down into several different videos, from the tools and parts to the wiring, connections and more. With these two resources, you have every step covered.

Let’s take a closer look at just how detailed they are:

Main Manual

solar safe PDF table of contents
Table of Contents for the PDF guide.

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Basic principal regarding solar energy
  • General technical regards

The introductory chapter covers the basic understanding of how solar energy works and its importance in sustainable energy solutions. General technical aspects related to solar energy are also discussed, so you have an understanding of the technology involved.

Chapter 2: Tools and Components

This chapter covers the essential tools and components required for solar energy projects. It comes with a comprehensive list of tools and components necessary for assembling and wiring solar panels and boxes.

Chapter 3: Assembly and Wiring the Box

  • Preparing the Boxes
  • Wiring the Boxes

This section is all about the assembly and wiring process of the solar energy box. It includes detailed instructions on preparing the boxes for installation and wiring them effectively to ensure proper functionality.

Chapter 4: Assembly and Wiring of the Panels

  • Tools and Components Required for Solar Panel Production
  • Preparing the Panels for Use and Panel Wiring
  • Cable Preparation and Panel Connection
  • Recap
  • Main diagrams used for wiring and connections

In this chapter, you learn about the assembly and wiring of solar panels. It covers the tools and components required for solar panels, along with the step-by-step process of preparing and wiring the panels. You also receive a comprehensive list of tools and components needed for assembling solar panels as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare solar panels for installation and wire them effectively.

The chapter provides steps for cable preparation and panel connection as well, and a recap to give you a quick run down of the assembly and wiring process, complete with diagrams and schematics.

Chapter 5: List of Places Where You Can Buy Components

The final chapter provides a list of places where you can purchase the necessary components for their solar energy projects. This includes both physical stores and online retailers. You are free to source your own too.


  • Chapter 1: Assembling the Box
  • Chapter 1.1: Tools and Parts
  • Chapter 1.2: Preparing the Boxes
  • Chapter 1.3: Wiring the Boxes
  • Chapter 2: Assembly and Wiring of Panels
  • Chapter 2.1: Tools and Components for Solar Panel Production
  • Chapter 2.2: Preparing the Panels for Use and Panel Wiring
  • Chapter 2.3: Cable Preparation and Panel Connection

As mentioned, the videos take the steps provided and complete them on-screen. This allows you to physically watch how to perform each step in detail.

video tutorial preview
A preview of the video tutorial guides.
You can also download the videos.

Free Bonuses

The program also includes a variety of free bonuses, such as:

  • Off-Grid Association Junior Access
  • Martial Arts for Seniors
  • Backyard Bio Gardening
  • Going Green 101
  • Saving Energy in Your Home
  • Q5 Taclite Flashlight

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Can be built for less than $200.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Materials and parts are accessible.
  • No prior experience or skills needed.
  • Suitable for anyone.
  • Takes up minimal space.
  • Provides you with a reliable off-grid power source.
  • Comes with detailed steps, both written and visual.
  • Diagrams, video tutorials, lists and schematics are all provided.
  • Strong enough to power even your largest appliances.
  • Can reduce your bills by 68%.
  • Digital format for instant and convenient access.
  • Can be downloaded right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Supported by a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Comes with a variety of additional bonuses for absolutely free.

Disadvantages of the Program

Solar Safe comes in digital format, which can be accessed immediately and downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. It does not come with a hardcopy version. However, you can download the guide and print it off from home if you’d like.


Solar Safe is the perfect program for learning how to build an off-grid power source on a budget – and with no skills or prior knowledge. It’s a comprehensive system that breaks down the process into simple, easy-to-follow steps that cover everything from start to finish. The wiring, preparing, connecting, testing – you name it. These steps come in written format, complete with diagrams, lists and schematics, and you can also see them in video. This detailed process ensures anyone can use the program and create a reliable source of electricity (and reduce their bills significantly). Plus, it’s even backed by a 60-day money back guarantee so you can check it out entirely risk-free.

download solar safe pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the system easy to assemble even without any prior experience in electronics?

Putting together the device is quite straightforward and can be completed within a day (approximately 4 hours) even if you’re completely new to electronics. The program provides thorough, step-by-step instructions to walk you through each stage. You also have access to both an eBook and a video that offer detailed guidance and visuals throughout the process.

How much power does the device produce and can it power a house?

The default version can generate up to 1000 watts of power. This amount is typically enough to run fans, lights, and various appliances. For context, common electronics like laptops typically use between 30 to 70 watts, while charging an iPhone requires around 20 watts. If you require more power, you have the option to customize the device by incorporating additional solar panels and batteries.

Is it safe to run this device?

The guide covers all aspects of safety, ensuring you have all of the information needed to work confidently. However, if you still feel uncertain or have concerns, there are additional precautions you can take. One option is to invest in insulation gloves, which provide an extra layer of protection while handling electrical components. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always seek assistance from a professional to handle the installation for you, ensuring everything is done safely and correctly.

How large is the device?

Here is an image of the final product:

final product

Is there a discount code available?

At the time, the creator has not released any discounts for the program and offers a two-month trial period instead.


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