The Ex Factor Guide Review

The Ex Factor Guide is a powerful program designed to help people learn how to get back together with their ex using professional techniques and effective strategies. But how realistic is it that you can rekindle things with your ex? Well, studies show that 50% of couples reunite and get back together after a breakup. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s also a 50% chance of not getting back together because you can learn professional techniques and effective strategies that increase the likelihood of getting your ex back. And that’s precisely what The Ex Factor Guide teaches you how to do. It is designed to work for all breakups and individuals, whether it was a short-term relationship you want to repair or a marriage you want to add some life back into. There are different versions for men and women to ensure you learn the proper techniques that work for your ex, whether they’re a male or female. Best of all, it isn’t about changing who you are, what you look like or what you want. The program is based on the relationship dynamics and the psychology of breakups. So, there are no embarrassing one-liners to memorize or manipulative techniques involved; just effective, easy strategies and techniques that you can naturally add into your approach.

The Ex Factor Guide Review

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

There are few things worse than a broken heart. The pain can feel excruciating and the days feel so long. You’re constantly checking your phone or social media accounts to see if they’ve messaged you, and you hope every day that you will run into them. This approach works for 50% of the couples that break up and get back together, according to studies. The other half need to put in a little bit of extra work, or rather, effective strategies and professional dating techniques and that’s what you get with this program.

The Ex Factor Guide is an online program designed to help you repair your relationship with your ex, so you can start a new, healthy relationship and chapter together. It’s a comprehensive system that’s based on relationship dynamics and the psychology of breakups. Now, since men and women are completely different, there are two different versions – one for men and one for women. This is key, as it allows you to use the proper techniques that work for your ex depending on their gender. In other words, men think one way and women think another way; the same strategy won’t necessarily work for both genders. So, the different versions of The Ex Factor Guide allow you to learn the best strategies that suit the gender of your ex. Other than that, the information and approach is fairly similar in both versions. I’ll explain this in more detail in just a moment but for starters, all of the information comes from a professional relationship coach. There are no manipulative tactics, head-games, or awkward one liners to recite. Instead, the program aims to help you tap into and understand the psyche of your ex so you can discover what needs to be done to get them back. Then, it provides you with easy-to-follow steps that you can start doing to begin winning back your ex.

Everything is digital, so you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase and can start implementing the professional dating techniques. This also means that you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving on your doorstep, which is a super bonus if you currently live with your ex. Instead, you just download the content onto your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. This gives you easy and convenient access whenever you need, and it allows you to keep your secret strategies a secret. Plus, you never know when you’ll run into your ex so the digital version allows you to pull up the techniques and use them whenever and wherever you are.

download page
A preview of the download page for the program

In addition to being provided to you by a professional relationship coach, you can also have confidence trying this program as it’s supported by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This gives you two months to learn and implement the strategies and psychology-based techniques and see how they work for you. Although, it can take longer than two months to experience the full effects of this regime.

Who Created The Ex Factor Guide?

Brad Browning is the author of The Ex Factor Guide. He is an expert relationship coach that specializes in breakups and divorces and is highly sought after due to his expertise at helping both men and women repair all types of relationships, even those that seem beyond repair. To date, Brad has helped thousands of couples get back together.

Quick Overview of The Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide is a comprehensive program that serves as your very own personal relationship coach that teaches you expert techniques that will help you get your ex back. It covers every step of a breakup, including the initial 30 days of no contact, what to do during the “no contact” period, when and what text messages to send, which messages to avoid, what to do if your ex won’t even look at you, and so much more. All of the techniques come with simple, step-by-step instructions that show how to execute each move, like a chess game.

Here’s a more detailed look at the program as a whole:

The Female Version

  1. Introduction
    • Forget About What You Think You Know
    • I’m Rooting For You
    • I’m Here to Help If You Need It
    • The Real Reason You’re Alone
  2. Attractive Characteristics
  3. Unattractive Characteristics
  4. Panic and Acceptance
    • Don’t Pressure Him
    • Some Good News
  5. Start With “No Contact”
    • Why 31 Days?
    • “But I Can’t Wait That Long!”
    • What If You’ve Done Too Much Begging and Pleading Already
    • What If You Broke Up a While Ago?
    • What if Your Ex Lives in Another City
    • Pick Up an Old Hobby (or a new one)
    • Lean on Your Friends
    • Start Exercising More
    • Focus More Energy on Your Work
    • What If No Contact is Physically Impossible
  6. Start Dating Other Me
    • How to Let Him Know You’re Dating
    • Hang Out with Mutual Friends
    • Take a Lot of Pictures – And Post Them
    • What If He’s Dating Other Women Already?
  7. What If He Contacts You?
    • What If He Calls?
  8. What If He Doesn’t Contact You?
    • You Have Two Options
    • What Should You Text Him?
    • The Pointless Text
    • The Good Reminder Text
    • How You Should Call Him
    • When He Calls or Writes You Back
    • “What If This Doesn’t Work?”
  9. The “Date”
    • Body Language and Tone of Voice
    • Conversation Topics for The “Date”
    • How to Tell a Good Story
  10. Seduce Him All Over Again
    • Seduction in a Nutshell
    • Rebuilding the Attraction
    • Tease Him!
    • Kinaesthetic Attraction
    • Taking Kino a Step Further
    • How to Kiss Him
    • My “6 Magic Words”
    • A Sneaky Attraction Tip
  11. Sex!
    • What To Do After Sex
  12. Preventing Breakup
    • Keep Things Interesting
    • Induce Jealousy
  13. Desperation Tactics
    • The Desperation Letter
Female Version's Table of Contents
The table of contents for the Female version.

The Male Version

The male version has all of the same topics as mentioned above with some extra topics such as

  • Oxytocin: Your Secret Weapon
  • A Direct Attraction Tip
Male Version's table of contents
Table of Contents for the Male version

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

The greatest advantage of using The Ex Factor Guide is that you increase your chances of rekindling things with your ex. Heartaches suck and oftentimes, you’re left wondering what the heck went wrong and how in the world you can fix it. Well, this program answers those questions and then shows you what to do with simple, step-by-step strategies.

I also thought it was really awesome that there are two versions – one for men and one for women. We all know men and women are from different planets, so being able to learn techniques that are based on the psyche of your ex’s gender is key.

Being able to download the program right onto your personal devices is also a great advantage, as it allows you to access the guides on your own time and in private, without having to carry around an embarrassing package.

The 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is also great for obvious reasons, but also because it gives you the confidence to try something new and that may be all you need to get your ex back.

Disadvantages of the Program

There aren’t any major disadvantages that come to mind regarding The Ex Factor Guide. Although, it would be cool if you could get the program in a physical version for those who prefer this option.


The Ex Factor Guide is the ultimate program for anyone who has experienced a breakup and who wants to get back together with their ex. It comes with a vast array of expert coaching, strategies and techniques, as well as many different situations and scenarios so you can narrow in on the best options for you. It’s even backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try the program risk-free.

Download The Ex Factor Guide PDF


Does it matter if I choose the different version of the program (male/female)?

Yes, each version is gender-specific, so it’s crucial to choose the right one to ensure you get the correct techniques that are designed for your ex’s gender.

Is there a physical hard copy of the program?

No, the program is digital. However, you can always download the content onto your computer and print it off at home.

What if it doesn’t work or if he/she continues to ignore me?

The program covers a list of ‘what if’ scenarios and what to do if you find yourself in one of these situations and it’ll guide you through the process.

What if I need some advice or personal guidance?

If you need some more advice or personal guide, you can message the author on their official website by clicking on ‘seek Brad’s Advice’.seeking brad advice section

What if I have a question or issue with the program?

You can use the option above to contact the author with any questions or concerns you have or you can drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to help you.


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