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Mend The Marriage is an online marriage program designed to bring the “counselling” to the home to help people effectively repair and save their marriage, without having to attend expensive therapy sessions. I’ve always found it crazy that 50% of marriages end in divorce, according to studies, despite 100% of people going into marriage thinking they’re going to beat the odds. There’s no denying that marriage is hard. Some argue that it gets more difficult the longer time goes on, but there is one thing for sure: marriages can last a lifetime, and happily so. After all, 50% of them do. But what is the secret? Well, therapy is always a good, healthy option. Unfortunately, the average cost of couples counselling is between $100 and $150 per hour, with most relationships requiring (at least) a few sessions. The price can also increase depending on the type of treatment and methods being used, the length of sessions and the therapist you choose. It also requires two people to be fully committed to weekly sessions. So in other words, you need a lot of money to spend sitting in an uncomfortable therapist office spilling your soul to a stranger and your partner has to be on-board and committed too. If this doesn’t sound plausible to you, that’s probably why you’re here. Whether you’re working on a budget or navigating through your marriage squabbles on your own, Mend The Marriage can help. It’s an online program that brings the marriage counsellor to you, in digital form. Designed to help heal and repair all types of marriages, problems and circumstances, this system allows you to get the expert advice, techniques and guidance needed right at home and for a fraction of the price.

mend the marriage review

What is Mend The Marriage?

Adultery is the number one cause of divorce, according to studies, with money, finances, communication issues, addiction and simply “falling out of love” following.  However, there are many other factors that can cause a marriage to suffer and every marriage is different and complex in its own way.

Mend the Marriage is the ultimate guide to stopping divorce and saving your marriage. It’s a comprehensive program that is designed to help all types of marriages overcome whatever struggles, situations and crises they’re facing. Created for both men and women, this program provides you with professional advice, guidance, perspective and exercises that help you navigate to the problem areas within your marriage, so you can begin repairing them. The system uses a therapeutic and gentle approach that provides you with all the knowledge and techniques needed to know what the next steps are for you to take. It covers a vast array of topics, including infidelity and dishonesty, experiencing a lack of passion or feeling like you’ve grown apart, abusive situations, marriages when children are involved, and everything in between.

But what’s the secret, you ask?

Mend The Marriage follows a unique method known as “The ABCD System”, which can be broken down as such:

  • A – Accept the situation
  • B – Build resilience
  • C – Commit to change
  • D – Dedicate yourself to the task

Unlike other similar programs, Mend The Marriage doesn’t require you to change who you are or what you want. Instead, the ‘ABCD’ method encourages you to draw upon and reinforce your inner qualities to make your marriage work. This method is learned throughout the program as you navigate from chapter to chapter and discover the easy ways you can  become a happier, more confident person as an individual and as a partner.

The process is separated into four phases to allow for gradual, healthy progress. The first two stages (A and B) are all about preparing to repair your marriage and the last two (C and D) are all about taking action and rebuilding your relationship. Don’t worry; the steps, exercises, actions and bond-building activities are all provided to you so you know exactly what to do.

I’ll explain the program in more detail in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at what Mend The Marriage comes with:

  1. Main eBook (eBook and audio files)
  2. Video Series
  3. Audio Course
  4. Free Bonus #1: Infidelity Survival Guide
  5. Free Bonus #2: Children and Divorce
  6. Free Bonus #3:  Money Matters
  7. Free Bonus #4: Team Building Worksheets

All of this is available to you straight away, so you can start repairing your marriage straight away. You don’t have to wait or pay for shipping or worry about an awkward package arriving in your mailbox. Instead, you can download the content right onto your personal tech devices or you can access the materials online through the customer portal. Both options allow for easy and convenient access to the program anytime you need it. In addition to this, the program also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which gives you two months to see how it helps your marriage.

download page
How the download page for the program looks like.

Who Created the Mend The Marriage System?

Brad Browning is the creator of Mend The Marriage. He is an established professional relationship coach and divorce expert who has helped all types of couples and marriages overcome all different kinds of struggles, situations and crises. Brad is also the author of several successful relationship and marriage programs on the market, including this one.  

Quick Overview of the Mend The Marriage System

Mend The Marriage is an online program that serves as your go-to guide for saving your marriage and reigniting that spark that once brought you and your partner together. It uses an exclusive ‘ACBD’ method that guides you towards – Acceptance, Building Resiliency, Making Changes and Dedicating to the efforts that need to be done. As long as you can do these four things, you can start repairing and re-strengthening your bond.

The program is infused with professional advice, perspective, guidance and methods well throughout. However, it begins with a few chapters that help you identify the problem areas within your marriage. This allows you to focus more of your attention on the chapters that speak to your situation specifically. It also personalizes the experience.

You also receive professional advice and techniques, as well as fun worksheets and activities you can do to implement the things you’ve learned. The techniques come with simple, step-by-step instructions where needed and you also receive different scenarios and situations to help you apply each to your marriage dynamics.

Take a look at what you can expect from each section:

Main Manual

  1. Here’s Where We Are
  2. How Did We Get Here?
  3. Where Can We Go from Here?
  4. Doing It Alone
  5. Accept the Situation
  6. Inner Qualities That Will Help You to Accept the Situation
  7. Build Resilience
  8. Inner Qualities That Will Help You to Build Resilience
  9. Three Stages of a Relationship
  10. Family Systems Theory
  11. Commit to Change
  12. Take Care of Your Connection Account
  13. Say It So You’re Understood
  14. Think It Through
  15. Find Your Role
  16. Assess Your Connection Account
  17. Make Changes
  18. Changing Your Mind
  19. Managing Anger
  20. Sex and Intimacy
  21. Affairs and Infidelity
  22. Mental Health and Addictions
  23. Abuse
  24. Children
Table of Contents
A look at the program manual’s table of contents.

The main manual is where you’ll find the core of the program. It is the ultimate guide for stopping divorce and saving your marriage. The manual covers a vast array of issues, concerns or factors that can cause a marriage to fizzle out. Most importantly, it provides you with effective, professional solutions for each and inspires you to make some changes. For example, chapter five is when you start learning the specifics of the “ABCD” method. This chapter covers the acceptance part of it, while offering you perspective and advice on what to do to begin activating this stage.

Audio Course

  1. Getting Started
  2. Defusing Arguments
  3. Dealing with Jealousy
  4. Dealing with the In-laws
  5. Creating Passion and Intimacy
  6. Preventing Your Spouse from Moving Out
  7. Team Building Exercises

The video series covers a specific set of topics in depth. You’ll find links to these right in the written manual and can navigate over to the corresponded video as needed to get more information.  For example, ‘Diffusing Arguments’ is covered throughout the program, but the video shows you how to use the techniques provided. It also addresses things you shouldn’t be doing to diffuse arguments, such as withholding your feelings for the sake of avoiding a fight.

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

Mend The Marriage makes it easy to seek the professional guidance, advice and tools needed to overcome the factors, situation or crisis that are putting strain on your relationship. It brings the marriage expert to you, only in digital form and for a fraction of the price of traditional in-person therapy. The program can be used with or without your partner, at your own pace and right in the comfort of your own home. No extra equipment is needed and you even get two months to try it out.

The really neat thing is that the program covers different scenarios, problems and marriages. This makes it easy to resonate with the information and find the ones that apply to your specific marriage and circumstances. If you aren’t sure what the problems are, the program helps you identify the issues too.

The digital copy is another major advantage, as you can access the materials right on your personal tech device, anytime, anywhere.

Video Series
The video series section – how it looks like.

Disadvantages of the Program

The program is available for you to download or access online. This includes the PDF eBook and video series. However, a physical hardcopy is not available. As an alternative, you could print the PDF guide off at home or at a print shop once you’ve downloaded it.


Mend The Marriage is a powerful program that is designed to save the day (and your marriage). It’s a comprehensive system that uses a unique method to help identify the problems, repair them and re-strengthen your bond. The program can be used by both men and women, and for all types of marriages, situations, scenarios and crises. It comes with expert advice, professional guidance, bond-building worksheets, a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and so much more. It’s like therapy on your screen and at your own pace, without the high price.

download mend the marriage system pdf


Is there a physical version of the program?

No, the program is completely digital. You can access it online or download the content onto your personal tech devices. If you really want a physical copy, you could always print off the PDF eBook at home. It also comes in an audiobook version if you’d prefer that option.

Does the program work if I’m the one at fault?

Yes, the program addresses a variety of situations, including whether you are the one at fault or the one trying to save the marriage. It also goes into the different types of problems and scenarios one may find themselves in, so that it is applicable for all cases.

Is the author of the program trustworthy?

Yes, the author of the program, Brad Browning, is a successful relationship coach who specializes in breakups, divorces, relationships and conflict resolution. He has a professional website you can check out for more information or you can do a quick search of his media appearances and contributions on YourTango, VICE Media,,, and many more.

Does the author offer personal advice or guidance?

The author’s website has a contact page called “Seeking Brad’s Advice”, whether you can message him specifics and mention that you require personal advice.seeking brad's advice

Are there any other programs the author has created?

Yes, the author has created a variety of other successful relationship programs, such as “The Ex Factor Guide”.


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