The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is an online program designed to help people relieve their symptoms, manage their kidney and effectively reverse the damage, without the use of prescription medication. Studies estimate that 1 in 7 American adults suffer from chronic kidney disease, with 50% of people having no idea. That’s a quite terrifying statistic, as it’s a disease that can progress to end-stage kidney failure, which is fatal if you don’t have dialysis or a kidney transplant. But there’s no need to panic just yet. You don’t have to go through exhausting dialysis or the pain of a kidney transplant just to heal. There are many natural ways you can manage your symptoms and kidney health, and even reverse the damage that’s been caused thus far. And that’s precisely what The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution teaches you how to do. It’s a 100% natural program that teaches you the most effective natural remedies for kidney disease, all of which are put together for you in a simple, three-phase healing protocol.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review

What is The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution?

Long-term care for chronic kidney failure requires a kidney-healthy regimen to be followed for the rest of your life, according to medical experts. If you reach end-stage kidney disease, you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant or else, the disease is fatal. The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution takes care of the first step for you. It’s a comprehensive program designed to teach you the steps needed to follow a kidney-healthy regime. However, unlike other programs, all of the steps provided in this program are 100% natural and practical. There is no need to do intense dieting, major lifestyle changes or exhausting workouts. Instead, the focus is on realistic things anyone can do to boost their kidney health, manage symptoms and yes, even reverse the damage in your kidneys. This includes things such as making slight adjustments in your diet and lifestyle, managing stress more efficiently and increasing your physical activity levels without having to spend all day running on a treadmill. I’ll delve into the details in just a moment but for now, here’s a quick look at some of the topics covered in The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution:

The program then takes all of the information you learn in the program and puts it into a practical, three-phase healing protocol. This makes it easy to follow along and implement the things you’ve learned to start healing.

Since Chronic Kidney Disease is a serious health concern, you’ll be happy to know that you can get started right away as the program is digital. You don’t have to pay or wait for shipping and instead, receive immediate access and can download the material right to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. You also receive a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which gives you two months to see how this regime works for you.

download page
How the download page looks like

Who Created The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution?

Renowned natural health practitioner, Shelly Manning, is the author of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. Shelly has spent many years working as a leading practitioner in clinical practice. Over the years, Shelly found that the patients who were able to celebrate major improvements were those who learned how to improve their kidney function. This led to the creation of this program that teaches others how to do the same.  

Quick Overview of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a powerful, comprehensive program that shows you how to maintain a kidney-friendly diet and lifestyle to manage your symptoms, improve your health and reverse kidney damage. It focuses on a variety of aspects that make up your physical, mental and emotional health, and puts everything together for you in a practical three-phase healing protocol which is:

  • Phase 1: Protect From Kidney Damage
  • Phase 2: Restore Kidney Function
  • Phase 3: Repair and Renew Kidney Tissue

In each phase, you receive an abundance of useful information that helps you understand your kidneys, kidney disease, and the natural healing options. The phases come with simple step-by-step instructions, food lists, meal plan samples, dietary recommendations, supplement guides, exercise guidance and much more.

In addition to the healing protocol, the program also comes with a variety of appendix sections that provide you with even more natural healing regimes.

Here’s a more detailed look:

  • Chapter One: The What, the Who and the How of CKD
    • What is Chronic Kidney Disease
    • What Causes it? Who Gets It?
    • What Puts me at Risk of Getting CKD?
    • The Pathogenesis of CKD
      •  Diagnosis and the Stages of CKD
    • Conventional Prevention Strategies, Typical Treatment and Advice
      • 4 Kinds of Advice Given to People with or at risk of CKD
      • Common Conventional Treatment/Management Strategies for CKD
    • A Few Questions: Deeper Causes for the Causes?
    • What Should You Know From Chapter One
      • The Key Points
  • Chapter Two: “I Get By With a Little Help From My (Little) Friends”
    • Chronic Inflammation and the Microbiome
      • Inflammation, What Is It?
      • Heart Disease and Diabetes Linked Inflammation
      • The Bottom Line for Inflammation and CKD
    • What is the Microbiome?
      • Important General Features of the Microbiome
      • The Development of the Microbiome
    • CKD and The Microbiome
  • Chapter Three: Lifestyle Perspectives for Healing CKD
    • Stress and Sleep
      • Methods and Tools to Get Good Sleep and Live Stress-Free
      • Probiotics and the Microbiome Can Help With Stress
      • Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep with Behavioral Methods
    • Let Food Be Your Medicine
      • Special Prebiotics for CKD
  • Chapter Four: The Tools to Take Us Home
    • Natural Supplements for CKD
    • Dietary Foods/Drinks Having Potent Properties to Combat CKD
    • Other Tools
    • A Stem Cell Treatment Tool to Regenerate Kidney Tissues from Supposedly Irreversible Damage
  • Chapter Five: The Rainbow Renal Lifestyle Protocol to Reverse CKD
    • Goals to Achieve Healthy Kidneys for Life
    • The Rainbow Renal CKD Program
  • Appendix 1: The Rainbow Renal Diet Program Phase 1
    • Prevent Kidney Decline – Stabilize Your GFR
    • What to Do – From Theory to Action
    • Assessment
    • Suggested Supplementation Protocol
    • Lower Blood Pressure Support Smoothie
  • Appendix 2: The Rainbow Renal Diet Program Phase 2
    • Restore Kidney Function – Improve Your GFR
    • What To Do – From Theory to Action
    • Assessment
    • Suggested Supplementation Protocol
    • Nobesity Smoothie
  • Appendix 3: The Rainbow Renal Diet Program Phase 3
    • Repair and Renew Kidney Tissue – Normal GFR
    • What to Do – From Theory to Action
    • Assessment
    • Suggested Golden Nugget Supplementation Protocol
  • Appendix 4: Rainbow Renal Diet FAQ
    • Is a Low-Potassium Diet Important When You Have Kidney Disease?
  • Appendix 5: The Best Foods for CKD
  • Appendix 6: The Big No-No’s – Avoid These
  • Appendix 7: Acid and Alkaline Foods
    • Alkaline Foods – Good Options
    • Acidic Foods – Bad Options
  • Appendix 8: The Glycemic Index
    • Low Glycemic Index (<55)
    • Medium Glycemic Index (From 56 to 69)
    • High Glycemic Index (>70)
  • Appendix 9: A Seven Day example Meal Plan for Renal Rainbow Diet
    • Shopping List Ideas
  • Appendix 10: Prebiotic Guidance
  • Appendix 11: A List of Sugars Added to Foods That Should Be Avoided
  • Appendix 12: Supplementation Safety Guide
    • Supplement Safety Guidelines
Table of Contents
The guide’s table of contents

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

One of the greatest advantages of using The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is that you learn evidence-based ways to maintain a kidney-friendly diet, lifestyle and mindset, which is the first and most important step to preventing the disease from getting worse. Everything is natural as well and designed to get to the root cause of the problem, which sure beats forking over a fortune for expensive medications that only mask your symptoms. This alone is priceless.

Since the program is designed to be a lifestyle change (not a one-hit wonder and instead, something you continue with moving forward), having it in digital format is a great benefit. This ensures you have everything you need right on your tech devices for quick and convenient access anywhere you go. Being able to give it a try risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is another benefit that gives you all the confidence and reassurance you need.

Disadvantages of the Program

When it comes to disadvantages, nothing comes to mind. Though, it would be cool if you could download The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution in audio format so you can listen on the go.   


The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a powerful program that teaches you practical ways to maintain a kidney-friendly diet and lifestyle to eliminate symptoms, manage health and reverse kidney damage. It’s 100% natural and uses the most effective, evidence-based regimes, all of which are put together for you in an easy, 3-phase system.

download The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution PDF


Is it safe?

The program should be entirely safe, as it focuses on making healthy choices in your diet and lifestyle. However, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor if you have any concerns.

Does the program require me to take some exotic supplement?

No, the program does not use exotic herbs or supplements. It does suggest some natural supplements that can be found at your local health store or Amazon, such as Astaxanthin, Curcumin, Again, these are just suggestions and are entirely optional.

Does the program require me to do any exercise or workout?

No. The creator of the program says that exercising is dangerous for CKD patients because the kidneys are responsible for electrolyte balance and fluid balance. So, exercising may strain the kidneys. The program offers safer alternatives for keeping your physical activity up without straining your kidneys.

Is there a physical copy of the program?

No, the program is digital. However, it does come in a PDF eBook, which you can always download and print out at home if you’d prefer a hardcopy.

Are there any other programs the author has created?

Yes, the author has also created The Bone Density Solution, The Arthritis Step by Step Strategy, and The End of Gout programs.


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