The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review: Is It Safe?

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is an online program that shows you how to heal your CKD and reverse kidney damage naturally using evidence-based strategies. Various studies have confirmed that, depending on the underlying cause, chronic kidney disease can be treated and even cured through the right lifestyle factors. And guess what? The same lifestyle factors can also be used to prevent CKD from developing in the first place. So, whether you are already diagnosed with CKD or want to avoid it altogether by taking a proactive approach to your health, this program can help.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a comprehensive system that is highly based on these same clinical studies. It provides you with an easy-to-follow treatment plan that guides you through identifying and implementing these crucial lifestyle factors in the easiest way possible for an effective and natural solution that ensures long-term and even permanent results. And it’s all backed by science and clinical studies. 

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Review


What is The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution?

Just when you think you may be dealing with an “incurable” disease, various studies come out confirming that you can treat chronic kidney disease by making a few healthy and positive lifestyle changes. The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is an incredible online program that teaches you how to naturally heal your CKD and repair kidney damage by following this clinically-proven advice.

It’s a comprehensive program that provides you with a 100% natural approach that has been proven to be highly effective in treating CKD. The focus is on improving a variety of lifestyle factors by completing simple activities such as using stress management and relaxation techniques, poetizing sleep quality and hygiene, getting in proper nutrition through a well-balanced diet, and more. These changes can be easily incorporated into your daily routine for long-term results and are designed to tackle CKD at the root source to eliminate your symptoms, reverse the damage and improve your overall condition.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution comes equipped with everything you need to know to use this program. From reliable health information about chronic kidney disease and the root causing your symptoms to the lifestyle factors and natural tools, you can use to heal. It includes helpful resources to guide you along the way as well, such as food lists, supplement guides, gentle exercises, stress management techniques, a sample dietary meal plan, tips for improving sleep quality, and much more. These allow you to easily implement the things you’ve learned to see a quick, effective and sustainable improvement in your health.

Best of all? Anyone can use it to treat or prevent CKD. The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution can be used right from the comfort of your own home without the need for any additional tools or equipment. The program also comes with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee so you can give it a try risk-free and see how it helps you. Everything can be downloaded onto your tech device, such as your smartphone, tablet or computer, as soon as you purchase too. This allows easy access to the treatment plan right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Download Page
A preview of the program’s download page.
This is where you will access the program’s materials to get started.

Who Created The Program?

Shelly Manning is the author of The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution. She is a highly respected natural health practitioner and expert, with many years of experience in clinical practice. Shelly specializes in natural healthcare and has created several online programs, such as End of Gout, The Arthritis Solution and The Bone Density program, to name a few, to help people heal their health conditions across the globe,

Overview of The Program

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is a comprehensive program that provides you with an evidence-based treatment plan that is designed to tackle CKD at the source to eliminate symptoms and reverse kidney damage for good.

The program is divided into five easy-to-read chapters, each filled with reliable health information and a wide range of highly effective natural tools and remedies that can reverse kidney damage and improve your overall kidney health and functioning.

Throughout the program, you’ll find simple, step-by-step instructions to ensure a stress-free experience, as well as additional resources to support you along the way, such as delicious food lists, sample meal plans, dietary recommendations, supplement guides, exercise guidance, pictures, diagrams, exercises, recipes, and nutritional guides, and so much more.

Let’s take a closer look at what the program covers.

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution Table of Contents
The PDF guide’s table of contents.

Chapter One: The What, the Who and the How of CKD

  • What is Chronic Kidney Disease
  • What Causes it? Who Gets It?
  • What Puts me at Risk of Getting CKD?
  • The Pathogenesis of CKD
    • Diagnosis and the Stages of CKD
  • Conventional Prevention Strategies, Typical Treatment and Advice
    • 4 Kinds of Advice Given to People with or at risk of CKD
    • Common Conventional Treatment/Management Strategies for CKD
  • A Few Questions: Deeper Causes for the Causes?
  • What Should You Know From Chapter One
    • The Key Points

The program begins with all the essential information you need to know (and more!) about chronic kidney disease. It covers what CKD is, what factors contribute to its development, how doctors diagnose it, and even the conventional treatment methods that are commonly prescribed to those dealing with CKD. It is designed to ensure you have a thorough understanding of CKD so you can understand the effectiveness of the program’s approach and can make informed decisions about your health moving forward.

Chapter Two: “I Get By With a Little Help From My (Little) Friends”

  • Chronic Inflammation and the Microbiome
    •  Inflammation, What Is It?
    • Heart Disease and Diabetes Linked Inflammation
    • The Bottom Line for Inflammation and CKD
  • What is the Microbiome?
    • Important General Features of the Microbiome
    • The Development of the Microbiome
  • CKD and The Microbiome

In this chapter, you’re provided with incredible information about the underlying causes of chronic kidney disease with a focus on the connection between chronic inflammation, tissue damage, and CKD. It also shows you how all known causes of CKD are somehow linked to these factors; the impact inflammation has on your overall kidney health and much more. All of this information is designed to help you gain knowledge on how your lifestyle factors are affecting your health

 Chapter Three: Lifestyle Perspectives for Healing CKD

  • Stress and Sleep
    • Methods and Tools to Get Good Sleep and Live Stress-Free
    • Probiotics and the Microbiome Can Help With Stress
    • Reducing Stress and Improving Sleep with Behavioral Methods
  • Let Food Be Your Medicine
    • Special Prebiotics for CKD

This chapter teaches you all about the incredible healing power of various lifestyle factors in relation to CKD. It comes with an abundance of valuable lifestyle tips that have the potential to improve not only your CKD but also, your overall health and well-being. A wide range of factors are covered as well, including stress, sleep, and exercise, and their incredible impact on healing CKD.

Additionally, you receive practical strategies for tackling lifestyle factors hindering your health. For example, you learn stress management techniques that can help alleviate the burden on your kidneys and promote healing, natural sleep aids and techniques to enhance your sleep quality, and several lifestyle tips that can be easily implemented to improve your condition.

 Chapter Four: The Tools to Take Us Home

  • Natural Supplements for CKD
  • Dietary Foods/Drinks Having Potent Properties to Combat CKD
  • Other Tools
  • A Stem Cell Treatment Tool to Regenerate Kidney Tissues from Supposedly Irreversible Damage

This chapter is filled with reliable health recommendations and advice to help you start treating chronic kidney disease naturally. It teaches you a ton of natural resources that can have a positive impact on your kidney health, with a focus on nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, as well as nourishing foods that can help, such as fruits, nuts, and herbs.

 Chapter Five: The Rainbow Renal Lifestyle Protocol to Reverse CKD

  • Goals to Achieve Healthy Kidneys for Life
  • The Rainbow Renal CKD Program

In this chapter, everything you’ve learned is brought together and provided to you in a practical, three-phase treatment plan so you can easily implement the necessary changes to improve your kidney health, reverse kidney damage, and heal your CKD.

It’s a comprehensive treatment plan that comes with step-by-step, lists of foods to avoid and foods to include in your diet, recommendations on supplements that can greatly benefit your kidney health, exercise recommendations to support your overall well-being, stress reduction strategies, a meal plan, and much more.


  • Appendix 1: The Rainbow Renal Diet Program Phase 1
    • Phase 1 – Prevent Kidney decline – Stabilize Your GFR
    • What to Do – From Theory to Action
    • Assessment
    • Suggested Supplementation Protocol
    • Lower Blood Pressure Support Smoothie
  • Appendix 2: The Rainbow Renal Diet Program Phase 2
    • Phase 1 – Restore Kidney Function – Improve Your GFR
    • What To Do – From Theory to Action
    • Assessment
    • Suggested Supplementation Protocol
    • Nobesity Smoothie
  • Appendix 3: The Rainbow Renal Diet Program Phase 3
    • Phase 3 – Repair and Renew Kidney Tissue – Normal GFR
    • What to Do – From
    • Theory to Action
    • Assessment
    • Suggested Golden Nugget Supplementation Protocol
  • Appendix 4: Rainbow Renal Diet FAQ
    • Is a Low-Potassium Diet Important When You Have Kidney Disease?
  • Appendix 5: The Best Foods for CKD
  • Appendix 6: The Big No-No’s – Avoid These
  • Appendix 7: Acid and Alkaline Foods
    • Alkaline Foods – Good Options
    • Acidic Foods – Bad Options
  • Appendix 8: The Glycemic Index
    • Low Glycemic Index (<55)
    • Medium Glycemic Index (From 56 to 69)
    • High Glycemic Index (>70)
  • Appendix 9: A Seven Day example Meal Plan for Renal Rainbow Diet
    • Shopping List Ideas
  • Appendix 10: Prebiotic Guidance
  • Appendix 11: A List of Sugars Added to Foods That Should Be Avoided
  • Appendix 12: Supplementation Safety Guide
    • Supplement Safety Guidelines

The program also provides you with several appendices that offer an array of additional resources and tools to help you naturally heal your CKD. Within these appendices, you’ll find an in-depth look at a 3-phase healing regime, as well as additional lifestyle tips, guidance on self-care, and much more.

The Verdict

Advantages of the Program

  • Designed to naturally treat and prevent chronic kidney disease.
  • Can reverse kidney damage for long-lasting and even permanent results.
  • Offers you a comprehensive, all-natural and practical treatment plan.
  • Highly based on clinical studies and evidence-based strategies.
  • Super easy process that is focused on making positive lifestyle changes.
  • Aims to tackle CKD at the source.
  • Can be used by anyone diagnosed with CKD or looking to prevent it.
  • Provides you with a simple three-part regime.
  • Digital format for instant access.
  • Can be downloaded onto your tech devices for use anytime.
  • Backed by a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Option to review a physical hardcopy.  

Disadvantages of the Program

The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution comes in digital format, so you can instant access the program and download the material onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This allows for quick and convenient access to the valuable health advice and treatment plan anywhere your day takes you. However, a physical hardcopy doesn’t automatically get shipped out to you. Although, you can opt to have one sent to you for the small cost of shipping.


The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution is the ultimate program for learning the lifestyle factors affecting your condition and overall health, and the positive changes to make to start tackling CKD at the source. It’s a comprehensive program designed to help people learn a practical, natural and evidence-based solution that can work wonders for their kidneys and even reverse the damage caused by CKD. It involves a simple and straightforward 3-step treatment plan that comes complete with all of the steps, food lists, recipes, meal plans, techniques and strategies needed to easily implement the things you’ve learned. It’s even backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can have all the confidence you want when trying a new program.

download The Chronic Kidney Disease Solution PDF


Is the method safe?

The entire program revolves around making healthy, positive lifestyle changes so it should certainly be safe to use. If you have any questions or concerns, you may wish to speak with your doctor before getting started.

Does the program involve taking any strange supplements?

No. The only supplements suggested are natural and can be found at your local health store or favourite online supplement store.

Will I have to do any form of exercise?

No. In fact, the program discusses the risks of exercising for CKD patients. However, it does provide some tips for keeping your physical activity up.

Can I get a physical copy sent to me?

Yes. While the program is digital, you can opt for a printed version to be sent to you after purchase. There is a small fee for this.

Has the author created any other programs?

Yes, Shelly Manning is also the author of the popular, The Bone Density Solution, Ironbound, The Arthritis Step by Step Strategy, and The End of Gout programs.


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