Back Pain Miracle Review

The Back Pain Miracle is the ultimate program for anyone suffering from back pain, whether acute or chronic, as it’s designed to teach you a series of movements that relieve pressure and create space between your spinal discs and release tension from your back muscles to erase back pain for good. Back pain is one of the most debilitating health conditions that affects almost 65 million Americans at least once in their lifetime, according to new studies, with 8% of all adults experiencing chronic back pain that limits their everyday activities. To make matters worse, it is the sixth most costly condition in the United States. And oftentimes, the costly treatment doesn’t even touch the root cause of the problem, allowing the back pain to persist or come back. Sure, the pain medications help for the time being but they only mask the symptoms and you want something that really dives deep into the tissue to fix the problem.

With Back Pain Miracle, an online back pain relief system, you will learn gentle, therapeutic movements and routines to do at home to heal your back pain once and for all – and without having to spend a fortune on therapy.

Back Pain Miracle Review

What is Back Pain Miracle?

Back pain is, inarguably, one of the worst health conditions to deal with. It’s the sixth most expensive condition in the United States and the leading cause of missed work days in the United States. That just creates one vicious cycle that leaves many people either on pain medications that don’t fix the issue or that cause a dependence, or struggling to make ends meet. Whether it’s due to all of their savings being spent on therapy or all of the missed work days, back pain hurts in more ways than one.

The Back Pain Miracle is an online program that is designed to bring the physical therapist to you, right at home and for a fraction of the cost that traditional treatments cost. It’s a collection of strategic videos and routines that are designed to heal and eliminate all types of back pain by:

  • Safely and comfortably mobilizing the spine
  • Relieving pressure and creating space between the spinal discs
  • Releasing tension from your back muscles

By using movements that do these three things, you are able to treat your back pain at the root of the problem to heal it for good so the pain stops coming back.

The Back Pain Miracle is put together in a simple, step-by-step process so anyone can use it, regardless of their level of back pain, age, gender, mobility, etc. You don’t need access to any equipment, other than the odd pillow, rolled up towel or foam roller if you have one. The movements can also be done without a spotter or any assistance, as they are simple and gentle enough that they can be safely performed on your own. The movement and routine videos are also performed by the creator of the program himself and he shows you how each step of the movement should be done. He also provides detailed explanations and verbal cues, as well as variations, a breakdown of the benefits, extra tips and much more.

In addition to the program, the author also provides you with a free bonus, which is a 5-Star book on amazon called, Conscious Movement: The Key to Releasing Pain.

The good news doesn’t end there though either. The Back Pain Miracle is digital, which gives you immediate access as soon as you purchase so you can start working to alleviate your back pain right away. To begin, you simply sign into the membership page and click the videos to begin. These can also be downloaded to a Google Drive or to your personal tech devices, such as your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, for use-on-the-go. All of this can be done with a few simple clicks, so even if you aren’t tech-savvy, the process is really simple.

You can even try it out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Back Pain Miracle Download Page
A look at The Back Pain Miracle’s Download Page.

Who Created The Back Pain Miracle?

The author of The Back Pain Miracle is Matt Cook. After curing his chronic back pain on his own, Matt left his career as an Engineer to become a flexibility and mobility coach who specializes in helping people recover from back pain. He is also the author of a 5-start book on Amazon, and is the inventor of the adjustable hip flexor releaser mechanism.

Quick Overview of the Back Pain Miracle

The Back Pain Miracle is a straightforward program that provides you with easy, therapeutic movements and routines that are designed to heal and eradicate all types of back pain. The program is separated into a variety of videos, with the main breakdown being on the different types of movements:

  • Lying Down
  • Seated
  • Standing

Each section comes with a video for each of the movements provided. These videos act as a visual and verbal guide that shows you exactly how to perform each movement properly, effectively and safely.

You’ll also receive plenty of tips throughout.

Here’s a look at the breakdown:

Introduction Video

Before accessing the videos that makeup the program, you’re recommended to watch the Introduction video. This is a quick 7 minute video that explains the breakdown of the program and the reason for doing this. For example, its recommended to start with the lying down movements, then the seated and then the standing up. This is to gradually build up your strength and mobility. This video comes with a lot of helpful information that can help you maximize the benefits.


  • What is Pain
  • Perception and Focus
  • Why Slow Movement Works
  • Movement Quality

The program begins with four videos that break down the program, your pain and the approach behind this regime that can eradicate all types of back pain. Each video comes with really powerful information, guidance and tips that will help you understand your condition and how this program can help. For example, the “Why Slow Movement Works” video explains how movements are more effective the slower you go: it allows your muscles, discs, tendons, etc. to absorb the benefits.

Lying Down (Level 1)

  • Rock and Roller
  • Knees Side to Side
  • Lateral Leg Slide
  • Supine to Fetal
  • Roll Over

This is the first portion of the program where you begin to implement the movements that will relieve and eradicate your back pain. They are simple, gentle and therapeutic exercises that are performed while laying down. Each movement comes in its own video, complete with visual and verbal instructions and guidance throughout.

Lying Down (Level 2)

  • Piriformis Release
  • Supported Frog Pose
  • Foam Roller Extension
  • Thoracic Towel
  • Slow Scorpion

In this portion of the program, you receive slightly more complex movements than the prior, all of which are completed while laying down. Some of them do use simple equipment, such as foam rollers, pillows, rolled up towels, etc. to allow for a deeper stretch.


  • Straight Legged Slump
  • Seated Spirals

In this section, you learn two powerful movements that can be done while sitting down. Each movement comes with a video tutorial, complete with verbal instructions and visual representation of what the movement should look like. These are different from what you can find online or with a quick search on Youtube and come with variations and tips throughout.

Standing Up

  • Spinal Waves
  • Pelvis Movement
  • Spinal Dives

This section comes with videos of the different types of movements you can do while standing up. Each movement comes with a video tutorial that comes with verbal instructions and visual representation of what the movement should look like, making it really easy to understand. For example, the spinal wave is similar to a full body wave.

Structured Routines

  • Light Routine
    • 3 days per week
    • 5-15 minutes per movement
    • 1 movement per week
  • Medium Routine
    • 4 days a week
    • 20 minutes per movement
    • 2 movements per day
  • Heavy Routine
    • 7 days a week
    • 30 minutes per movement
    • 3 movements per day

In this section of the program, you receive three different types of routines to choose from with each offering a different level of difficulty, duration and structure. Each comes with a 5-week workout chart of movements to do, complete with photos of the movement to perform.

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

  • Easy and simple process
  • Gentle and therapeutic movements that can be used by anyone
  • Designed to eradicate all types of back pain by healing the problem at its source
  • Can be used to treat all types of back pain
  • Digital access allows you to use the program immediately
  • Can be used at home without the use of any equipment or assistance
  • Allows you to release pain and become more mobile, flexible and stronger
  • Improves posture, alignment, balance and stability
  • Comfortable and easy movements
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the entire system out for two months before making any final decisions

Disadvantages of the Program

The Back Pain Miracle is a digital program, so it can be accessed online or downloaded onto your tech devices. However, there is no physical hardcopy available.


The Back Pain Miracle is a powerful program that can transform the lives of people suffering with back pain. Whether acute or chronic, this program teaches you a series of therapeutic movements and sequences designed to eliminate back pain by healing the problem at the source and mobilizing the spine. Everything can be done right at home without the use of any equipment and you can even try it out risk-free for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

download back pain miracle pdf


Is there any way I can receive a hardcopy of the program?

Since the program is digital and made up of a variety of videos, there is no hardcopy to receive. Instead, you can access the materials online or download the content onto your personal tech devices to use at home, on-the-go, or wherever you please. You also don’t have to pay or wait for a package to arrive, which is another bonus.

Is the program safe to use for all types of back pain?

The program focuses on using a series of gentle and therapeutic movements that are designed to relieve pressure and create space between your spinal discs, and release tension from your back muscles. They are similar to what you would get from in-person physical therapy, so they should be safe to use for all types of back pain. After all, stretching is super healthy and beneficial. However, if you have any concerns or have an underlying health issue, you may wish to speak with your healthcare provider first.

Will I be required to take any weird supplements or go on a strange diet?

No. The program focuses solely on easy, therapeutic movements that mobilize the spine.

Will I need a spotter or any assistance when performing the movements?

No. All of the movements are easy and gentle, and can be done at home without any assistance or fancy equipment.

Is there someone I can contact if I have any questions?

Absolutely. The author of the program can be contacted on their official website or you can drop us a message here and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.


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