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Children Learning Reading is the ultimate program that changes the way children read by providing them with an easy method that consists of learning the sounds of the English language. But isn’t that what reading does? Sure, the current way reading is taught does eventually teach children the sounds of English words but the process is far more complicated because it focuses on memorizing sight words. This is why 67% of American grade 4 students are unable to read at a proficient level, according to studies. In countries where the same method is used, reading levels are also suffering. 42% of Canadians are considered semi-illiterate; 42% of UK children leave school before obtaining a basic level of functional English and 33% of grade 5 students in Australia don’t meet the benchmark literacy skills.

Children Learning Reading is a powerful program that gives you the knowledge, skills, reading lessons, printable games and activities, and audio files needed to teach children an easier and more effective way to learn how to read.

children reading learning review


What is Children Learning Reading?

Sight words have been used for many years, despite the shockingly high level of young kids unable to read. And it really isn’t all that hard to understand why. The current way reading is taught focuses on memorizing sight words and shapes. But there are over 170,000 words in the English language and sight words and shapes are really confusing. After all, ‘bat’ looks like ‘hat’, and ‘bull’ looks like ‘ball’ but sounds entirely different.

Children Learning Reading introduces a new way to teach children how to read. It’s a comprehensive program that focuses on teaching children how to read by teaching them the 44 sounds that make up the English language. By using this method, you immediately avoid confusing kids with similar word shapes that sound completely different, such as ‘cat’ and ‘cut’ or ‘but’ and ‘lot’. Instead, you’ll be teaching children how to actually read the words instead of guessing at them based on their shape.

The program is designed for teachers and parents, and comes with a detailed guide on process and the reasons why it’s a (more) effective way to teach children how to read. It then provides with you all the materials needed to start using the method, such as printable lesson plans, audio files, games, activities and much more. The program also comes with detailed information about implementing this method into the classroom or your household, and there are two guides – one for the basics and another for advanced phonics.

I’ll elaborate on the program in just a moment, but first, here’s a quick look at the five-step process the program is based on:

  • Step 1 Manual: Phonics Foundations
  • Step 2 Manual: Advanced Phonics Manual
  • Step 3: Fun To Read Lesson Stories
  • Step 4: Phonics Sounds – Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • Step 5: Common Sight Words and Children’s Rhymes Book
download page
A preview of how the program’s download page looks like.

Children Learning Reading is digital, so you receive immediate access as soon as you purchase; a wonderful benefit for teachers in particular, as you don’t have to lug giant workbooks to the different classes you teach. As for parents, you can make sure your children always has their reading materials, as it can be downloaded right onto their tablet or your personal tech devices. You can also try it out for 60 day, as the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is more than enough time to see how quickly the little ones catch on when using this reading method. If that isn’t enough reassurance, more than 38,000 parents and teachers are now successfully teaching children how to read using it across the world.

Who Created Children Learning Reading?

Professional reading teacher, Jim Yang, is the creator of Children Learning Reading. Jim has three children of his own and used this method to teach each one of them, all of which were able to read before they were able to fully talk.

Quick Overview of Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading is a comprehensive program that teaches parents and teachers a more effective way to teach kids how to read. It comes with an abundance of quality information that will help you understand the process, including why children struggle with reading, research behind phonemic awareness, the importance of blending, reading comprehension, reading and vocabulary growth, and much more. Then, you receive step-by-step guides, 50 reading lessons, printable games and activities, and audio files to make the process easy for you too.  

Stage 1: Phonics Foundations

28 Reading Step-By-Step Reading Lessons

  • Phonemic Awareness
    • What is Phonemic Awareness?
    • The Research Behind Phonemic Awareness
    • The Importance of Blending
    • Phonemic Awareness Development in Different Age Groups
    • A Quick Note About Struggling Readers
    • Developing Early Phonemic Awareness
    • Smooth Blending and Choppy Blending
    • The Importance of Repeated Practice and Exposure
  • Systematic Synthetic Phonics
    • What is Synthetic Phonics?
    • Why Synthetic Phonics?
    • About Synthetic Phonics and this Program
    • About Sight Words
    • Letter Names and Letter Sounds
    • Synthetic Phonics and The Complexities of English
  • What Reading Does for the Mind
    • The Matthew Effect in Reading
    • Reading and Vocabulary Growth
    • The Importance of Home Support for Literacy Development in Children
  • Reading Comprehension
    • Decoding and Word Recognition
    • The Necessity of Continued Sounding Out and Blending Practices
    • Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
  • The First Steps
    • How Much Time Should We Spend on Lessons?
    • What if My Child Already Knows All the Letters and Sounds?
    • The Importance of Learning and Teaching the Proper Sounds
    • About Struggling Readers
    • Voiced and Unvoiced Sound Pairs
    • Doing Stretchy Bends and Troubleshooting Various Blending Problems
    • Teaching Capital and Lowercase Letters
  • Getting Your Child to Cooperate
    • My Best Advice: Setup a Regular Daily Routine and Schedule
    • Talk To Your Child, At the SAME Level
    • Simple Tips and Ideas for Motivation
  • How to Teach Reading and Present Lessons
    • Reading Left to Right
    • Teaching Letters and Letter Sounds
    • Always Point to Where You Are Reading
    • Point and Swipe
    • Font Used – Verdana
Stage 1 Table of Contents
The table of contents for Stage 1: Phonics Foundations Manual.

Stage 2: Advanced Phonics Manual

 Topics + 22 Step-By-Step Reading Lessons

  • Teaching Digraphs and Diphthongs
  • Oh, The Complexities
  • Guided Reading and Books
  • The Schwa
  • Synthetic Phonics and The Complexities of English
  • Point and Swipe
Stage 2 Table of Contents
The table of contents for Stage 2: Advanced Phonics Manual.

And these are just the breakdown of the learning and teaching. You also receive:

  • Lesson Printouts for Stage 1
  • Lesson Printouts for Stage 2
  • Reading Bingo Game Printouts
  • Fun to Read Lesson Stories
  • Phonetic Sounds – Letter Sound MP3 Audios
  • Common Sight Words and Children’s Rhymes Book

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

There is no arguing that the greatest advantage of using Children Learning Reading is being able to help children learn how to read. Instead of all of the confusion and frustration (and temper tantrums) that children experience with the traditional method, this one makes reading easier and fun. This leads me to my second top advantage, which is that it’s significantly more enjoyable for teachers and parents too because the kids actually want to read because it’s easy (and that’s a benefit in itself too).

Receiving access to all of the reading lessons, printable games and activities, and audio files digitally is another advantage that makes the teaching process even easier. I also liked that over 38,000 parents and teachers use this program and that it’s backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. It’s great reassurance that I can really make a difference in children’s lives with this program.

Disadvantages of the Program

There isn’t one disadvantage that I can find with this program. However, you are learning an entirely new process, so there is some time and effort to put in but the benefits far outweigh this. The program also makes the learning process easy for us parents and teachers too.  


Children Learning Reading is a revolutionary program that changes the way children are learning how to read today. It takes on a new approach that consists of teaching children the sounds of the English language, instead of the sight words. It’s a significantly easier way to teach children how to read and for them to comprehend. All of the materials you need are provided to you, such as worksheets, activities, games, lesson plans, and much more. You can even try it out for two months with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is more than enough time to see how beneficial this program can be.

download children learning reading pdf


Does the program have a hardcopy version?

Everything is digital, which is particularly beneficial for this particular program as you can access the materials anytime, anywhere. You could print off the material at home or a local print shop if you’d still like a physical version.

How fast can I expect to see results?

Every child is different, so how quickly you’ll see results depends on the child, the person teaching them, and how committed both of them are to the program. However, with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have ample time to see how it’s improving your child’s reading.

How is the approach different from other programs?

The program is revolutionary because of its unique approach of focusing on 44 sounds rather than memorizing sight words. This makes it significantly easier for the parent/teacher and child because there are over 170,000 words in the English language.

What if I have a question regarding the program?

The creator of the program, Jim, provides you with his content information on the member’s page and you can expect a response from Jim or his support team within 24 hours. We’d also be happy to see how we can help you if you’d like to drop us a message.


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