Infatuation Scripts Review

Infatuation Scripts is the secret guide to men every woman has been waiting for, as it teaches you simple strategies that teach you how to get what you want by using the three ingredients that make infatuation. Designed exclusively for women, this program puts the power back in your hands by giving you expert dating and relationship advice, guidance, techniques and strategies that have proven time and time again to work on any situation. Whether you’re single and ready to mingle, have a potential guy on the go or want to reignite things in your current relationship, the things you learn in this program can certainly help.

Infatuation Scripts follows a simple process that consists of readjusting your approach and responses to different situations to trigger desire from the man you want. Yes, it’s that easy. You don’t have to lower your standards, change who or what you want, or change who you are. Instead, you just have to learn the proper way to go about situations to get the guy you’re thinking about thinking about (and wanting) you.  

Infatuation Scripts Review


What is Infatuation Scripts?

Getting a relationship to last takes hard work. However, dating and relationship experts have concluded that a relationship that can last three months is likely to see four years. But you still have to get it past the three-month mark and even then, there will be many obstacles and milestones to overcome.  

Infatuation Scripts has you covered. It’s a comprehensive online dating and relationship program that is designed to help women understand the three ingredients that lead to infatuation, so they can get exactly who and what they want. The approach is super simple, as it focuses on understanding the language of love and using your newfound knowledge to readjust your approach and response to different situations. With this information (and the simple strategies that come with it), you can learn how to properly entice a man through conversation, how to blow him away on the first date so he keeps wanting more, and so much more. The program covers many other situations that arise when dating or in a relationship, which helps you get the man you want and keep him infatuated with you.

But how does it work? Infatuation Scripts basically gives you the inside scoop on men. It helps you figure out what makes them yearn for (or avoid) a woman, so you can appeal to any man you want in any situation. It’s based on the three things that feed into a man becoming infatuated, which are:

  • Phase 1: Lust
  • Phase 2: Infatuation
  • Phase 3: Attachment

But it isn’t just about these three phases, or rather, ingredients. This program serves as your go-to guide for navigating through any situations you may find yourself in when dating or in a relationship. It comes with simple strategies that allow you to easily implement what you’ve learned.

The program isn’t just for all the single ladies putting their hands up like Beyonce said. It’s for all women who want to find love. For example, it covers the early stages of dating, how to get an ex back and everything in between. So, whether you’re single, married, divorced, or your current Facebook status says “It’s complicated”, this program applies to you. I’ll get into the nitty gritty in just a moment but for now, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Main Manual
  • Audio Files
  • Video Series
  • Free Bonus #1: The Commitment Calculator
  • Free Bonus #2: Make Any Man Yours for Life
  • Free Bonus #3: Why Men Shut Women Out

And don’t worry, ladies; you don’t have to worry about an embarrassing package arriving in your mail. The program is 100% digital and you can download it onto your personal tech devices so you can keep your secret weapon a secret. You even get two months to try it out, as the program comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. This is plenty of time to see how the strategies you learn can help you run the world, or at least, your dating experiences and relationships.

download page
A preview of the program’s download page.

What is Infatuation Scripts?

Clayton Max is the author of Infatuation Scripts. He is a professional dating and relationship coach who has worked in the industry for over 10 years. However, his “coaching” began long before his career did, as he quickly became the “go-to-guy” for all of his female friends anytime they had a dating or relationship problem. This led him to identifying common themes within the problems his friends were bringing to him. As a result, he was able to use this information to develop powerful strategies that put the control back in the woman’s hands. Alas, now he is a highly sought after professional coach.

Quick Overview of Infatuation Scripts

Infatuation Scripts gives you the inside scoop on men and infatuation, so you can use it to get what you want from dating or your relationship. It’s based on understanding the language of love, how men think and act, and what feeds the emotion of infatuation, so you can conquer any situation. And yes, just as the name suggests, it’s all about using your words within your responses and approaches to different situations.

The program is quite straightforward and starts off with some quick chapters that cover men. Period. Then, it dives right into infatuation and the simple strategies you can use to trigger it in any man you want. You’ll find a variety of situations, problems, conversations and scenarios covered, along with script examples, definitions, chapter recaps and more. These are provided to you in a PDF eBook, audio files and follow-along videos.

Take a look:

Main Manual

  1. Introduction
    • The ‘right man’ myth
    • What is infatuation?
      • Phase 1: Lust
      • Phase 2: Infatuation
      • Phase 3: Attachment
    • Infatuation is binary
    • Liking vs. Infatuation
    • What triggers infatuation?
      • Three ingredients
    • How to use this program
    • On game-playing
  2. Ingredient #1: Uncertainty
    • What is uncertainty?
    • Why is uncertainty important?
      • During the early stages of dating
      • When he’s taking you for granted
      • When you’ve broken up and want him back
    • When NOT to use uncertainty
      • Too much certainty, too early
    • Uncertainty Trigger #1: Independence
      • What does it mean to be independent?
      • Independence scripts
      • Independence scripts – after sex
      • Projection questions
      • Post-flake scripts
    • Uncertainty Trigger #2: Qualification
      • What is qualification
      • Why is qualification so powerful
      • Before and after sex
      • The wrong way to qualify him
      • Technique #1: Screening Questions
      • Technique #2: Gradual Approval
      • Technique #3: Playful Disqualification
    • Uncertainty Trigger #3: A Barrier
      • Desire vs. Need
      • Indifference vs. Ambivalence
      • What is a barrier
      • Why are barriers do important
      • Using barriers
      • Barrier scripts
    • Pressure and Uncertainty – Sex vs. Relationships
      • How to Make a Man Feel Pressured
      • How to Arouse Uncertainty
      • Showing vs. Telling
      • Uncertainty Review
  3. Ingredient #2: Investment
    • What is investment?
    • The investment Effect
    • Absolute vs. Relative investment
    • How do you get him to invest more
    • Investment Key #1: Set His Expectations
      • Expectation scripts
    • Investment Key #2: Reciprocity
      • Offer and Ask scripts
      • Matching
      • Matching Scripts
    • Investment #3: Shaping
      • The rewarding mindset
      • What to reward
      • How to reward
    • Investment framing
    • Investment review
  4. Ingredient #3: Curiosity
    • Why is curiosity important?
    • The mindset
    • How to kill his curiosity
    • Arousing his curiosity
    • Curiosity Hook #1: Contrasting Qualities
    • Curiosity Hook #2: Intrigue Loops
      • Intrigue openers
      • Cliffhanger scripts
    • Curiosity Hook #3: Teasers
      • Playfully elusive scripts
      • Shift the spotlight scripts
    • Curiosity Review
  5. Final Words
Manual's table of contents
The table of contents for the program’s PDF manual.

Our Opinion

Advantages of the Program

I have to say, one of the first advantages I found with Infatuation Scripts is that it’s more than just a dating or relationship guide. It encourages you to self-reflect so you can see why your past relationships weren’t working out. The knowledge on how men “tick” and how they become infatuated with a woman definitely helps.

The strategies are really simple and easy to implement, and I love how the program doesn’t require you to change who you are or what you want. The strategies work for everyone and since it’s based on how men think and act, it can work on any man. Bonus points.

The digital download is amazing, as you can access the program anytime you want – and yes, it is super helpful especially when you’re on a date and need to “run to the bathroom” to refresh your memory. And with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.  

Disadvantages of the Program

Hmmm, I guess the only disadvantage I came across is that the program is that everything is digital. It does not come with a hardcopy. Although, as mentioned previously, having the content downloaded onto your private tech devices is a huge benefit. So, is this really a disadvantage at the end of the day? To each their own.


Whoever said, “It’s a man’s world,” had no idea what they were talking about because women are taking control of their love lives and settling for nothing less than what they dream. Infatuation Scripts is an easy program that teaches women simple strategies to use to feed whatever man they want the three ingredients that make infatuation. You even have 60 days to see how it works for you with the money back guarantee. You just can’t go wrong with that.  

download infatuation scripts pdf


Is there a physical copy of the program?

No, the program is 100% digital and comes in three different options – a PDF file, audio files or video files. This means you can use the program in a format that best suits you and right on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer anywhere you are.

How are the lessons provided and how will I know if I’m doing it correctly?

The lessons are taught in written form, audio form or video form, depending on the option you choose to download the program in. The methods and techniques provided come with numerous examples and a vast array of different scenarios, so you can find the approach that best suits you. If you are unsure, you can always contact the author on their official website.

Are examples provided in the guide?

Yes, each chapter and method provided comes with examples and ‘templates’ that you can use to perfect the process.

Is there a discount for the program?

Discounts are not typically offered for the program, as it is already reasonably priced and comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can always check the program’s official website here to see if that changes.

What if I have a question or concern with the program?

You can navigate to the support page in the member’s area and send a message to Clayton and his team. You can also leave your message below and we will try our best to assist you.


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