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Step Away from the Screen: July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Is there a distracted driver weaving in and out of traffic in front of your delivery vehicle? It’s probably because the driver is texting his girlfriend. Did you just notice a pedestrian walk into a light pole? Probably because that person was checking their instagram feed. My favorite rude cell phone user is the person who is constantly checking it while she’s on a date. (Truth be told, I used to be this person. It’s a terrible nervous tick and rude as heck.) If you personally know any of the above types of cell phone offenders, then direct them to this post. Because we’re about to honor the awesome and much needed cell phone courtesy month!

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Leasing vs. Owning Vehicles and Property

All courier company owners must decide if they want to lease, or own property or equipment before setting up shop. While both leasing and buying have beneficial and negative facets, making that final choice can be difficult.

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