Keto Desserts Review

Keto Desserts PDF

Studies estimate that 10% of Americans’ daily calories come from fructose. Unfortunately, many are mistaken that fructose is a healthier type of sugar but it can lead to high cholesterol, fat accumulation around the organs, increased risk of developing gout, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

Keto Desserts is an online guide designed to help people enjoy the baked goods they love, without jeopardizing their health and weight loss goals. It’s a digital cookbook that teaches you how to bake up delicious dessert recipes that are free of fructose and other harmful ingredients. All of the recipes are keto-friendly, easy to make and come with step-by-step instructions for everything from cupcakes to cakes, to frosting, and more.

Back Pain Breakthrough Review

Back Pain Breakthrough PDF

Back pain is the sixth most expensive condition to have in the United States, according to studies. The health care costs and indirect costs are well over $12 billion each year. Unfortunately, back pain is a common issue that almost everyone will experience at least once.

Back Pain Breakthrough offers a new and far less expensive approach to healing back pain. It’s a 30-day program that is done online and is designed to eliminate all types of back pain through the use of targeted spinal release techniques. It’s a comprehensive system that comes with a 30-day action plan, a 6-video series, step-by-step tutorials, tips and two written manuals designed to help you find permanent relief.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning PDF

Every year, Americans throw away more than three billion batteries, according to studies. Approximately only 5% are recycled properly and rarely do people repair them.

EZ Battery Reconditioning is an online program designed to help people learn how to repair and restore their batteries, so they can save a significant amount of money. It’s a comprehensive system that teaches you the easy steps to reconditioning a vast array of battery types. It comes with 9 different manuals, a ton of incredible information, battery test tutorials, and so much more.

Back to Life 3 Level Healthy Back System Review

Back to Life 3 Level Healthy Back System PDF

More than 264 million workdays are lost due to back pain, according to studies. Back pain is the single leading cause of disability across the globe and 80% of the population will experience debilitating back pain at least once in their life.

Back to Life 3 Level Healthy Back System is an online healing protocol designed to help people heal and eliminate their back pain quickly, naturally and permanently. It’s a comprehensive program that focuses on using a series of specific movements to realign the spine and increase strength, flexibility and vitality. The program is broken down into a three-video series, complete with a healthy back checklist, a ten-minute companion guide, helpful information and plenty of healthy lifestyle tips to make sure your back pain doesn’t come back.

Ryan’s Shed Plans Review

Ryan’s Shed Plans PDF

Research shows that the average cost to build a shed ranges between $2,000 to $6,000 plus. If you build it yourself, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Ryan’s Shed Plans is an online program designed to help people save a significant amount of cash by learning how to build the shed they want, on their own (or with a group of friends). It’s a comprehensive guide that comes with 12,000 different shed plans, all of which are broken down into easy step-by-step instructions. No prior experience or fancy equipment is needed and each project plan comes with precise, easy steps, accurate dimensions, material lists, tool lists, and more.

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge Review

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge PDF

The ketogenic diet is all the rage right now, and studies have concluded it’s does provide a reduction in weight loss and improvements in cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. But the question still remains as to whether it provides people over 40 with the nutrients they need.

Keto Over Forty 28-Day Challenge is an online ketogenic program designed specifically for women over 40 who want to go on the ketogenic diet. It’s a comprehensive system that teaches you how to follow and slightly adjust the golden rules of keto, so you can safely transition into this new, delicious and healthy diet and lifestyle. With the program, you receive 7 valuable information guides, worksheets, meal plans, recipes, tips, a 28-day challenge and more.

The Smoothie Diet Review

The Smoothie Diet PDF

Health experts have concluded that when you make smoothies at home and with whole fruits and vegetables, they are high in minerals, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients. In other words, skip the store-bought shop and smoothie bar.

The Smoothie Diet is a powerful program designed to help people transform their life and health with delicious and nutritious smoothies. It’s a comprehensive system that focuses on using quality ingredients to ensure healthy smoothies that align with your goals. Throughout the program, you receive expert advice from a certified health coach and a nutrition coach, a ton of smoothie recipes, pre-made shopping lists, printable recipe cards, daily journals, a healthy eating guide, a workout plan, and so much more.

Ted’s Woodworking 16,000 Plans Review

Ted's Woodworking 16,000 Plans PDF

Any woodworking project is expensive when you hire someone to do it. Studies show that the average price to start a wood project is around $250 – just to start, according to studies. But you can do it on your own, easily and for a fraction of the cost.

Ted’s Woodworking 16,000 Plans is the world’s largest collection of woodworking plans, designed to teach people how to build anything they want, easily and affordably. It’s a comprehensive program that comes with over 16,000 woodworking tutorials, all of which come with easy step-by-step instructions, detailed material lists, accurate measurements, photo tutorials, guidelines and more.

14-Day Rapid Soup Diet Review

14 day rapid soup diet pdf

If you’re a woman over 50 struggling with weight loss, your lymphatic system may be to blame. Studies show that 80% of women over 50 have a congested lymphatic system, which forces an overload of fat to be stored around the belly, hips and thighs.

14-Day Rapid Soup Diet is a proven slimming soup detox regime designed to help people lose stubborn weight without having to do excessive exercise and dieting. It’s a comprehensive program that flushes your system of the toxins and junk inhibiting your weight loss goals, so it can reprogram to burn fat for energy instead of burning carbs and sugar. It comes with a quick-start guide, recipes, keto cookbooks, smoothies, food lists, and simple guidelines for safe and effective weight loss.

28-Day Keto Challenge Review

28-Day Keto Challenge PDF

Studies show that following a ketogenic diet can provide many benefits, including weight loss and improvements in blood sugar, total cholesterol, and blood pressure.

28-Day Keto Challenge is an online program designed to help people adapt and thrive on the ketogenic diet as a lifestyle. It’s a comprehensive program that comes with a 28-day meal plan, delicious keto recipes, pre-made grocery shopping lists, nutritional advice and helpful tips, and guidance throughout.