Halki Diabetes Remedy Review

Halki Diabetes Remedy is a 21-day online program designed to help people learn how to restore their health and reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally. Studies show that approximately 30 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes each year and over 84 million Americans are prediabetic. What’s even more shocking is that 8.1 million Americans are unaware or undiagnosed. So, whether you’re already diagnosed, pre-diabetic or want to boost your health to prevent Type 2 diabetes, this program teaches you how to do just that. Halki Diabetes Remedy is a comprehensive program that focuses on using nutritious, natural foods that have healing and detox properties. It’s 100% natural and is designed to get down to the root cause of Type 2 diabetes to eliminate it for good. Best of all, it isn’t a dieting regime by any means. There’s no calorie counting, portion controlling or major food restrictions. Instead, it’s all about eating – the right foods, of course. Everything is provided to you in a 21-day healing protocol, so you can easily learn and implement the powerful information to start repairing and restoring your health. So, if you’re ready to stop pricking your finger each morning, want to prevent Type 2 diabetes or are looking to improve your health, here’s everything you can expect from this program.

halki diabetes remedy review

What is Halki Diabetes Remedy?

Of all the people diagnosed with diabetes, it’s estimated that approximately 90-95% of them have Type 2 diabetes. This is important to know because, unlike Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is typically developed over time with the two primary causes being diet and lifestyle.

Halki Diabetes Remedy is a powerful online program that teaches you how to cleanse diabetes-causing toxins from your body to restore and repair your body from the damage that has been done. It’s a 100% natural approach that focuses on using nutritious foods that have detox and healing properties, so you can begin healing from the inside out. Now, toxins are pretty difficult to avoid in this modern world. Food is filled with preservatives and hormones, the air is overflowing with pollutants, your cleaning supplies are full of chemicals, and even the clothes you wear are synthetic. You can certainly eliminate your exposure to them and with the information in this program, you can make a conscious effort to clean out the toxins as they enter your body.

Halki Diabetes Remedy teaches you all of this and much more. Then, it puts all of this information into a step-by-step 21-day plan that you can follow along to start repairing your body, detoxing your system and reversing Type 2 diabetes. This plan comes with a scrumptious 21-day meal plan, lifestyle tips, charts, food lists and everything else you need to know to start putting your newfound knowledge into action.

The program is supported by scientific evidence and also comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it out risk-free for two months. I’ll delve more into the details in just a moment.

Everything is available to you as soon as you purchase as well, so you can get started right away. You just access the content online and download it onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. This allows for quick and convenient access to your 21-day plan wherever the next 3 weeks take you. As long as you have your tech device with you, the guidance and steps are readily available at your fingertips.

download page
A look at the program’s download page

Who Created Halki Diabetes Remedy?

The author of Halki Diabetes Remedy is Amanda Feerson. Amanda is a professional researcher who has dedicated the past 20 years of her career to finding natural, healthier alternatives to modern day medications for people dealing with Type 2 diabetes. She teamed up with Eric Whitfield, who almost lost his wife to this disease. Together, they found a ton of scientific evidence supporting the very method you learn in this program.  

Quick Overview of Halki Diabetes Remedy

Halki Diabetes Remedy is a comprehensive, 21-day plan that teaches you how to use food to cleanse, repair and heal your body from Type 2 diabetes. It’s the ultimate guide for anyone dealing with Type 2 diabetes, who is prediabetic or who is looking to improve their health to prevent this disease. It’s designed to teach you how to get to the root source and leading causes of Type 2 diabetes, so you can clear them out and begin repairing and restoring your health.

The program starts off with a crash course on the approach and foundation of this regime. Then, it dives right into the 21-day plan that shows you what foods to implement into your day to start cleansing your body of the toxins that have been linked to causing Type 2 diabetes. You also learn how to use food to repair the damage that has been caused by this disease, and how to prevent it moving forward. The 21-day healing protocol comes complete with simple step-by-step instructions, recipes, charts, food lists, meal plans and healthy lifestyle tips, so you can easily implement what you’ve learned.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can expect:

  • Introduction
    • You Have Everything You Need
    • Island of Wonder
    • Not Just Another eBook
    • The Power of Addiction
    • Toxicity
    • Something Just Doesn’t Add Up
    • Air: The Real Killer
    • The Impact of Inflammation
    • It’s Not Just Diabetes
  • The Protocol
    • Introduction to Reversing
    • Glucoraphanin
    • Sulforaphane
    • Sulforaphane Murosinase: The Unsung Hero
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin E
    • B-Carotene
    • Omega 3 Fatty Acid
    • Ginger
    • Magnesium
    • Where It All Begins
    • The Diabetes Reversing Table
    • Spicing Things Up
    • The Magic of Broccoli
    • Not Your Average Diabetes
    • Health Plan
    • How It All Works
    • Pairing Up
    • Supplementation
    • Ginger Tea
    • Serving Suggestions
    • The Multitaskers of the Ground
  • All Recipes
    • Week 1 Recipes
    • Week 2 Recipes
    • Week 3 Recipes
  • Success Guaranteed
    • Welcome to Your New Life
    • FAQ
    • References

In this manual, readers can expect to learn vital information about diabetes and the protocol provided. It’s highly based on scientific information and is designed to help you break free of this disease. The program starts with a theme similar to that of a self-help book. It places emphasis on focusing on your goals and ultimately, achieving your goals using the information provided. For example, you’re provided with 8 tips right at the beginning and they’re all about goal setting. My favourite one is #2, which is “make peace with where you are”. Then, it gets into the details of how diabetes has come to be what it is today as a result of things such as toxicity. It also addressed inflammation and a variety of other factors that contribute to your quality of life when living with diabetes.

After you’ve read through the valuable information provided, the program jumps right into the things that will help you heal and reverse your disease. You will find a variety of studies well throughout, as well as resources as the bottom of each page where needed. For example, the program provides you with a list of 8 diabetes-reversing substances, such as ginger, magnesium and different vitamins. The studies and research supporting how these will help you are provided at the bottom of that page. The program then goes through a variety of natural healing methods and the simple steps to implementing them. This includes recipes, visual tables with super nutrients and what foods provided them, supplementation recommendations and much more.

Manual's Table of Contents
The manual’s table of contents

In addition to this, you also receive the following bonuses for absolutely free:

  • Free Bonus #1: Relaxed Mind Healthy Body Guide, Mind-Map and Cheat Sheet
  • Free Bonus #2: 10 Videos for Relaxed Mind Healthy Body Guide
  • Free Bonus #3: Energy Multiplier Guide, Mind-Map and Cheat Sheet
  • Free Bonus #4: 10 Videos for Energy Multiplier
  • Free Bonus #5: Achieve Your Goals Guide, Mind-Map and Cheat Sheet
  • Free Bonus #6: 10 Videos for Achieve Your Goals
Video Section
A preview of the video section

Our Opinion 

Advantages of the Program

Learning how to repair and restore your body while also reversing your Type 2 diabetes naturally is one of the greatest advantages of Halki Diabetes Remedy. It’s easy and delicious, and also forgoes the annoyances that most traditional diets follow.

The digital version of the program is also another benefit worth mentioning. Being able to download everything right onto your personal devices ensures you have everything you need, wherever you go. Heading to the grocery store to pick up the food items? Cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Dining out at a restaurant? As long as you have your tech device, you have all the information you need to stick with this regime.

I also appreciated all of the scientific evidence supporting this natural approach and of course, being able to try it out risk-free for two months is an obvious bonus.

Speaking of which, the extra bonus programs you get for free are also a wonderful advantage. Who doesn’t love some free goodies?

Disadvantages of the Program

There are no disadvantages that come to my mind in terms of quality and content. Although, it would be a cool feature if you could download the program in audio format, but the written guides are just as convenient, so I can’t really complain.


Halki Diabetes Remedy is an easy, 21-day program that teaches you how to use food to cleanse your body of the toxins that have been linked to causing Type 2 diabetes and how to repair and reverse the damage that has been caused by this disease. It’s really simple to do, as it comes with a step-by-step guide complete with food lists, recipes, a meal plan for each day, and much more. Everything you need to start using this natural approach to get to the root source of Type 2 diabetes and eliminate it once and for all is provided. All you have to do is follow along. Add in the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, and you can even try it out risk-free for two months.  

download halki diabetes remedy pdf


Can I use the program if I’m a Type 1 Diabetic?

No, the program is designed specifically for those with Type 2 diabetes, who are pre-diabetic or who want to get on top of their health to prevent Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are entirely different conditions and require different healing protocols.

Is it safe?

Yes, the program should be safe as it’s all about making healthy changes in your diet and lifestyle. There are no exotic supplements or weird herbs mentioned, and although it is designed to cleanse out your system, it doesn’t require a detox cleanse that uses strange, unnatural ingredients. If you are on medication or have any concerns, you may wish to consult a doctor before starting the program

Are there exercises involved in the program?

The program does mention the importance of exercise and goes into the benefits of walking to lose weight and how to go about doing that. However, the main focus is on diet and lifestyle and there is no exercise plan provided with the program. Instead, the author of the program recommends doing whatever exercise you like to do.

Is there a physical format of the program?

Everything is digital and can be downloaded right onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. However, you can always download the guide and print it off at home if you prefer to have a hardcopy of the program.


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